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Self-care vs work: Mastering the balance

Self-care vs work: Mastering the balance

During and since the pandemic, the number of people who have been working from home or have remote jobs has increased. By blending our personal and work life without a change in environment and fewer boundaries, we need to look after ourselves.

In April 2020, working from home peaked with 46.6% of the population.(1) Since the height of the pandemic, 50 of the biggest UK employers have said they have no plans to return all staff work from the office full time in the near future.1

By paying attention to our own thoughts and needs, we are able to provide strength and nourishment to physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Due to this reparation period, we’re able to be more efficient, productive and supportive for other friends and family.

After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Time to break up with your old work habits

The desperate need for a work-life balance requires us to understand the benefits. With constant meeting reminders popping up on our laptops and eating at our desks, it’s time to call it quits with our old work habits.
The first thing to remember is self-care should not feel like a box-ticking exercise.

So why is self-care important?

Research shows that regular self-care result in remarkably less stress. Promoting resilience, courage, confidence and strength.

74% of people believe self-care is based on physical health and 57% believe it is for emotional and mental health. We firmly believe support for both encourages us to feel restored as a whole.(2)

Learning how to balance

Self-care is unique and individual to you. Whether you want to catch up on that Netflix series rather than attend the awkward coffee date, is not for us to judge. All we know is, self-care should come first.

If you’re not sure where to get started, we’ve collected a list of ideas to help inspire you:

Peloton app endorphins

New Year’s resolutions have come and gone, but stepping into a long-term healthy routine is something we are always on board with. Try using the Peloton App for their exercise tips with inspiring advice at the tip of your fingers. Ideal for releasing endorphins and letting off steam after work, regular exercise has been proven to support both your mental and physical health.
Create schedules and reach your goals.

Green Magic & matcha benefits

Filled with health benefits, our Green Magic or matcha has been proven to support physical wellbeing. A premium green tea ground powder from Japan, matcha is can be enjoyed in hot drinks, protein balls and bakes.
With countless matcha benefits, we want to share a quick recipe for Matcha Tea:
  1. Sift 1-2 teaspoons of matcha powder into a cup using a small sieve.

  2. Add hot water until your cup is almost full.

  3. Whisk in a zig-zag motion until your tea is frothy.

  4. Take an Instagram story and enjoy!

Book a flight to the Isle of Vitamin D  

If you’re scrolling through travel websites, holiday blogs and dreaming of white sand beach, you’re not alone. Travelling is back on the cards after being homeward bound for so long.
Working hard is a great ethic to have, but your results should be rewarded. A holiday or weekend away either on your own or with loved ones can help you to feel rejuvenated. The change of scenery, regular treats and extra indulgence should be the first thing booked into your busy schedule.
The most popular holiday destinations for 2022 include The Galapagos Islands, Egypt and Italy. Not only are these beautiful places, but the sunshine helps to top up your much needed Vitamin-D. UK residents 20% of adults are profoundly deficient.(4)

If you need a sunshine boost for those in-between months, enjoy the benefits of our Vitamin d3. Formulated to maintain a healthy immune system and promote bone health.

Morning and evening rituals

Routine can bring a sense of control and peace to our mental health. With a steady ritual in place, you can feel confident about your timings and relax into each stage.

Waking up for the day and winding down for the evening are important. Carrying work-based worries on your shoulders isn’t good for your stress levels, so switching off is important.

Activities include listening to your favourite songs, walking your pets, spending time with your family, putting on a podcast and even enjoying yoga or meditation techniques. Indulge in 5 minutes peace with a relaxing bath or shower, followed by a tailored skincare routine. Nourish your skin with active ingredients and effective plant-based collagen technology.

200-500 million people recommend meditation

An ancient practise originating from India thousands of years ago, meditation helps you to focus on achieving better mental clarity or a sense of calmness.

It has been estimated 200-500 million people meditate across the world.(3) An activity that is respected globally, is more than just a trend. You can attend live classes or join social media groups and pages to enjoy a few moments of mindfulness whilst reducing anxiety by 60%.(3)

A tip for iPhone users:

If you click on Accessibility > ‘Audio/Visual > Background Sounds, you can then enjoy either Ocean, Stream or Rain sounds. The sound of water can help you to switch off or even focus without feeling distracted.

The power of out of office

If we could encourage any tips, it’s that it is okay to put your OOO on. Choosing not to check, read or respond to work-related issues during your evening, weekends and holidays is valid. Your personal time is just that, your time.
By switching off from work at the end of the day and during your breaks allows you to refresh your mind and feel ready to work on your returning date/time.
For extra tips on a balanced lifestyle or planning your next self-care day, enjoy using and sharing with friends The Blissful Mind’s ’15 self-care strategies for work-life balance’.




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