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Biggest Health and Beauty Trends for 2022

Biggest Health and Beauty Trends for 2022

The cosmetic industry in the UK is the third-largest in Western Europe.[1] 2021 saw health and beauty trends including a celebrity beauty boom launching their own brands, endless pop-up stores, influencer-labelled products and Tik-Tok reviews. Whether you’re trying to grow your social media platform, have an urge to try out new products, refresh your inspiration or simply wondering what is the next beauty trend for 2022, we’ve got you covered. From predicted TikTok’s, the latest skincare regimes to new health hacks and viral hair styles, take a read through our beauty breakdown for 2022.

Drop the filter

Our social media feeds are trying to become a much healthier place for 2022. As we consume hundreds of images a day, the impact of expectation we set ourselves can be detrimental to our mental health. The #FILTERDROP campaign set up by @sashapallari is helping individuals to feel comfortable in their own bodies, and our skin is thanking us or it.


The pressures that ‘perfect’ imagery convey can be dangerous. In an attempt to redefine the word ‘normal’, #FILTERDROP is a trending hashtag that campaigns toward exposing dishonest editing. Have you tagged your au natural selfie yet?

Skincare trends 

Reducing the amount of re-touching and editing that is done to our social media photos and celebrating who we really are is a crucial step in the beauty movement. With the hashtag #filterdrop trending on Instagram, we’re keen to encourage natural beauty with these skincare trends.

Incorporating collagen drinks into your routine can offer you a whole host of beauty benefits. We believe the best collagen on the market is bovine collagen - get glowing results from bestseller, Complete Collagen. As featured in Vogue, this 30ml sachet helps to increase elasticity by 15% after just 4 weeks.[1] One daily citrus sachet offers 8000mg of premium grade collagen, Vitamin B6, C & E and Biotin, Zinc, Copper and get 19 essential amino acids.


If you fancy a variety of flavoured collagen for skin but still want the combination of vibrant vitamins, try Collagen Cordial in red berry flavour. The unique formula allows you to share with friends to feel and look even more radiant.
If you eat a plant-based only diet, try bestsellerSkin Radiance. Providing a vegan alternative to collagen, Skin Radiance increases skin luminosity, elasticity and firmness as well as reduce redness, dark spots and circles.

As collagen experts, we believe that dropping the social media filters, editing apps and false editing can be made easier with a boost of confidence from our supplements.

TikTok beauty trends for 2022

While lip-syncing along to TikTok soundbites feels like something we were continuously practising throughout 2020 and 2021, 2022 TikTok beauty trends are looking a little more creative. Expect to see ‘How to’ videos from the likes of Chris Grave, Charlotte Roberts, Abby Roberts, Hyram Yarbo and Danielle Marcan.
hyram yarbo selflessbyhyram
Watch this TikTokThe internet has also gone wild for trying to achieve dimples in the face. According to TikTok’ers, if you rub the end of a pen onto each side of your cheeks for long enough, it will cause the muscle to leave a dip. We can’t help thinking leaving our faces as they are might be a better option however.Secondly, snail skincare is making an appearance. With snail slime being one of the most popular in K-beauty, it brings brightening properties to skincare formulas. We’re not too sure we’re ready to try this one either.The final one is something we can quickly get on board with, the double-winged eyeliner hack. Many TikTok users have taken to the social media platform to show off their impressive make-up skills. From bold black to bright neon streaks, we can’t wait to see everyone showing off their looks.

Hair trends for 2022 

2022 could possibly be the year we can finally stop trying DIY haircuts. We’ve handed the scissors and hairspray back to the professionals as salons begin to stay open. The bob is back for 2022 hair trends…  and, it’s fiercer than ever. With a razor-sharp cut by the jaw with a fringe to a mid-length choppy cut, the urge to go short is bigger than ever.

If longer layers are more your thing, then you’re in luck. Soft layering with extra volume could be a popular request for hair professionals this year. Ideal if you are after a low-maintenance cut.

Watch this TikTok

 The awakened ‘fro is becoming a popular trend for those blessed with curls. Products designed to define afros and provide shape are selling like hotcakes, people want to get creative as they try bangs, colours and layers.

The trends don’t stop there. Ponytail extensions are a popular hack that hair lovers are watching on social media. This trick gives the illusion of an impressively long ponytail or braid midway down their head, often paired with slicked-back sides and a defined centre parting.


If lockdown has taught us anything in 2019 and 2020, it’s that we need to take self-care seriously. This is not just a trend but a movement; to ensure that we’re checking in with ourselves regularly and meeting our own needs.

Taking care of our own wellbeing is something we should be doing frequently in order to be our best-selves. For example, you wouldn’t build a house on broken foundations. In order to achieve your goals or to do list, you should nurture your own health and mental wellbeing.

Promoting more exercise is a helpful step in taking care of ourselves. Not just for our physical wellbeing, but for our mental strength. As many of us are now working from home regularly or sitting at a desk, it’s also important to stimulate creativity and get moving. Spending time with loved ones for support is also great for our social wellbeing. Re-fuel by doing things you enjoy, visiting places that make you inspire you or make you feel like you’re at home and taking part in activities that make you feel re-energised.

Self-care is a crucial step when regaining strength. 



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