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    february / march
  • A complete collection of skincare products formulated to work in harmony with your body to protect, plump, smooth, refresh and refine your skin.
  • natural mineral cosmetics
    Vibrant pigmented minerals combining natural ingredients
    to deliver a high class, luxury, cosmetic range.
  • naturally advanced nutrition
  • slim-fizz - a simple, natural and efficient weight loss system
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    suitable for veggies
    dairy free
    gluten free
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slim fizz - a simple natural and efficient weight loss solution
collagen - building beauty from the inside out
the power of green magic - your 7 a day in one dynamic dose
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a british brand designed and manufactured in the UK

welcome to proto-col

proto-col is a British brand specialising in collagen skincare, mineral cosmetics and advanced nutritional products.  Incorporating “Informed Sports” registered products for performance and recovery the brand, which has been supplying both celebrities, professional athletes as well as the general public for over 15 years has become a global leader in collagen and superfood technology.  Led by scientific research and incorporating the best ingredients available in the world, proto-col is a truly ground breaking health and beauty brand.

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