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Our summer skincare edit

Our summer skincare edit
With so much extra time at home, it’s been the perfect time to understand our skin and enjoy baring all without makeup. While looking after our skin is something we like to all put on our priority list, the reality can be very different when life gets in the way. We run through our summer skincare favourites:

Foaming Facial Wash

The perfect start to your morning, this facial wash will help lift off any build-up of dirt, sweat or grime throughout your evening/sleep and will help awaken your complexion for the day ahead. Gentle on the skin, this foaming facial wash lets skin hold on to its natural oils while designed to leaving your face and neck feeling fresh and bright. The gentle blend of Aloe vera, essential oils and plant-based collagen delivers both nutrients and collagen to the skin, helping to prevent signs of ageing.

Intense Protection Day Moisturiser SPF50+

While we encourage to wear an SPF all year round to prevent premature signs of ageing, it should particularly make a feature in your summer skincare routine. Prep your skin for the day ahead with this moisturiser as it helps to prevent free radicals such as sun damage or air pollutants. Formulated to leave skin feeling richly moisturised, intensely hydrated as well as plumped and bright. Support your skin with this natural barrier to UVB rays.


Moisturising Facial Gel

If you want to opt for a slightly lighter formula, Moisturising Facial Gel will help the skin feel bright and hydrated. Whipped into a silky and light topical skincare moisturiser, the plant-based collagen will nourish and plump dull skin leaving its appearance bright and dewy. Not only this, using exceptional quality fresh royal jelly, the skin can benefit from its natural antibiotic pantothenic and the 18 amino acids it also contains.
A little goes a long way with this feather-light moisturiser, use sparingly or build up in layers throughout the day to achieve the designed application.


Collagen Facial Serum

If you’re fancying a little luxury to start your day, look no further than Collagen Facial Serum. Encourage a sense of self care with this beautifully lightweight serum which has been formulated to replenish the skin with a thin layer of vitality, freshness and brightening agents. This serum leaves skin feeling soft and silk-like, applying a blend of Aloe vera, papaya, coral seaweed and silk extract to nourish the skin deep from within the pores. Not only does it take care of a bare faced complexion, but preps the skin perfectly for make-up application.

Hydrating Collagen Toning Mist

After your morning skincare routine, throw a Hydrating Collagen Toning Mist in your bag for an on-the-go refreshing spritz mid-afternoon. Combining plant-based collagen, coral seaweed and vitamins, this tropical toning mist will calm the skin’s natural pH levels as well as cools the skin's surface.
Use after cleansing the skin to get rid of any stubborn residue or impurities, take with you on the go, or sleep easy with the cooling sensation over your face.
Hydrating Collagen Toning Mist will promote healthy skin and natural oils as well as suitable for all skin types.

Miracle Balm

Our smallest but most versatile skincare companion is Miracle Balm. Luxuriously moisturising, this balm helps to bring healing properties to the skin. In the summer, Miracle Balm is particularly soothing for sunburn, detracting pollen from the eyes or nose during hay-fever season by applying underneath the nostrils or lower lash line as well as moisturising your sun kissed lips.


Collagen Facemask

This award-winning and celebrity favourite, Collagen Facemask is another one of our versatile skincare range. Formulated to sit on the skin, this facemask will intensely rehydrate and soothe dry skin and support a dewy and glowing complexion. With so many moisturising ingredients such as coral seaweed, plant-based collagen, and Aloe vera, this skincare component leaves results in just minutes.
Use generously for a facemask or apply lightly to leave on for an overnight treatment.
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