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Creative ways to remember to take your collagen

Creative ways to remember to take your collagen
We believe in collagen, we believe in vitamin supplements and we definitely believe in keeping ourselves well, healthy and the best version of ourselves. Remembering to take supplements is a whole other story. It’s easy to be excited when your Proto-col goods first arrive, lining up the bottles perfectly, however remembering to take them in our busy lives can be tricky. 
It’s not that we choose to forget to take them, or that we don’t understand the benefits, it’s just that life can get in the way and without a routine it can be difficult to get into the swing of staying healthy. Here are our tips to remembering your daily supplements:

Set a reminder

Your phone or tablet can be useful for many things, and remembering to boost your body with collagen or vitamins can be one of them. By setting a daily reminder at the same time, you’re more likely to form a natural routine to give your body time to adjust to the new time schedule, meaning it will become easier for you to take your supplements. 

Leave notes around the house 

Similar to setting a reminder on your phone, leaving notes in obvious places around the house can help you add your supplements into your routine. An example of this would be to add a sticky note by the kettle, so when you make yourself a cup of tea in the morning you are reminded to take your supplements. 

Get a pillbox

Sometimes remembering the dosage or frequency of your supplements can be complicated especially if you’re taking several. Using a pillbox can help you divide out what you need for each day, that way it’s quick and easy to take and that way you only need to open one container per day. No calculations or unscrewing and screwing of caps every day.

Try our on the go range 

We understand that remembering to take your supplements can be difficult and some of us may even dislike the experience of swallowing tablets or capsules. That’s why we have designed our on the go range, including Complete Collagen and Collagen Shots. Both are formulated with a large dose of collagen and contains added vitamins and minerals, so that you’re getting everything all at once. Both of these drinks simply require you to chuck one in your handbag or gym bag before the day begins, that way you have it with you even when you’re in a rush. 

Store in visible areas 

It’s easy to put them to one side or pack away neatly in a cupboard, but when receiving your Proto-col goods in the post, make sure you’re putting them somewhere visible after opening. Whether this is by your bed side, on the kitchen cabinet, or even perhaps in your makeup bag. It’s easy to forget supplements if they’re hidden away, so make them obvious.



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