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5 ways to keep your skin healthy this summer

5 ways to keep your skin healthy this summer
5 ways to keep your skin healthy this summer With summer officially here, you’ve already swapped your winter jumpers and boots for summer dresses and sandals. Now’s the time to switch your skincare routine for the new season too. From UVA/UVB protection to washing away extra sweat and sebum, follow these skincare tips to keep your skin healthy and happy this summer.  
  1. Wear sunscreen daily
Protecting your skin against the damaging UVA and UVB rays should be your top priority all year round, especially in the summer. Whether you’re stepping out to walk the dog or driving to work, your skin is still exposed to the harmful effects of the sun. A day moisturiser with added Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is your skin’s best friend, whatever the weather. Apply an SPF moisturiser daily to add a protective layer and to minimise any premature ageing caused by the sun.
  1. Cleanse your skin day and night
In the summer, we tend to sweat and produce more sebum thanks to increased temperature and humidity in the air. Switch your rich and creamy cleanser for a gentle foam cleanser to wash away any build-up of sweat and sebum. Use your foam cleanser in your night time routine to deeply cleanse your face from daily oil and grime and to add products to your skin to help repair itself whilst you sleep.
  1. Exfoliate weekly
Dead skin cells, dirt and oil can build up on your face, along with cosmetics and skincare products. This pile-up will clog your pores and make your skin dull. A gentle yet effective exfoliator with fruit AHAs can help you to unclog pores and make them less visible over time. Those with sensitive skin may opt for a two-weekly routine. Check out these quick tips to ensure your exfoliation reveals the new you beneath the grime.
  1. Swap heavy creams with lighter moisturisers
From creamy cleansers to moisture-rich face oils, our winter skincare focuses more on nourishing dry and thirsty skin with moisture-rich skincare products. During the hot and humid summer months, switch to a formulation that is lighter in consistency but still rich in antioxidants and collagen. If your skin is really dry, apply your night moisturiser to provide your skin with the intense hydration it needs.  
  1. Boost your Vitamin C to prevent premature ageing
  When our skin is exposed to the harmful UVA/UVB rays, unprotected free radicals form in the skin causing premature ageing from wrinkle formation to age spots. To neutralise free radicals and slow down their ageing effects we need antioxidants both in our diet and in the skincare products we use, including Vitamin C and E, coenzyme Q10, zinc and copper.     When researchers at the Oregon State University looked at the connection between vitamin C and skin health , they found that vitamin C, “protects the skin against UV-induced damaged caused by free radicals”. This doesn’t mean that vitamin C will protect your skin from the direct UVA and UVB rays, what it means is that vitamin C, as an antioxidant found in the dermis and epidermis, can help your skin to neutralise any free radicals produced after exposure to the sun. Vitamin C also plays a key role in collagen synthesis making it possible for our bodies to produce and store collagen. Add vitamin C to your daily diet and the skincare routine to prevent premature ageing caused by free radicals.     Find out more about proto-col’s antioxidant and collagen skincare range.
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