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Treating Post-Party Skin

Treating Post-Party Skin
Whether it’s one too many prosecco’s or being too tired to remove your makeup properly, the festive celebrations can wreak havoc upon your skin. Alcohol dehydrates the body and skin, whilst also depriving it of vital vitamins and nutrients. This can result in causing the skin to look dull, sallow and tired come the morning after. What’s more, dehydrated skin can lead to premature ageing, whilst also encouraging skin conditions such as rosacea. Here are our top tips for treating post-party skin…


Using moisturising products after indulging in a tipple or two will help to restore the skin’s natural plumpness and glow. Awaken tired and dehydrated skin by using ingredients such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and essential oils. This will help to regenerate cells, hydrate and achieve a brighter and more radiant complexion. Jamie-Lee Hart, Head Therapist at proto-col flagship wellness clinic adds, ‘’Vitamin C can give even the most tired complexions a smooth and brightened finish. I would opt for facemasks and serums as they focus on hydrating, improving the appearance of your skin and skin texture.’’


You may have tricked your skin into thinking you’ve had a full eight hours sleep but now’s the time to do the same for your body. Feeding the body the lost vitamins, nutrients and fibre-based superfoods can help boost energy and the immune function. With ingredients such as spirulina, chlorella and fibre, these can affiliate with the liver to help break down toxins so our bodies can excrete them. It also takes out toxins from the intestinal tracts – the perfect hangover cure!


Whilst the skin has temporarily lost its glow, you want to use cosmetics that will hide the fact you're running on three hours sleep. When it comes to concealer you want to grab yourself a colour corrector. They contain a green hue to correct flushed skin, lilac to reverse dullness and a yellow tone that cancels out blue tones in dark circles. For extra support, using a mineral foundation covers up any cracks and dark circles to create a healthy-looking finish. Finally, to add a bit of colour opt for a cream blush that amps up luminosity.
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