Get out in the sunshine and expose your skin

Vitamin D is needed by the body to regulate calcium and phosphate levels. These, in turn, drive vital processes in the development of muscles, bones and teeth while also supporting the immune system to fight infection – something that’s often on our minds when winter weather strikes.

Answer these four quick NHS questions to check if you need to top up your vitamin D:

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Beauty tips for the January gym goer

Whether you’re sweating it out in your weekly spin class, lifting weights in the gym or running on a treadmill or pavement, you may still want to wear a little make-up to look and feel at your best.

January is a time when many women head back to the gym but the idea of going to work out bare-faced can be daunting. If forgoing make-up is just another reason not to exercise, stiffen your fitness resolve with these tips and get ready for a fit and fabulous 2018.

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Amazing facts that help keep joints healthy

Cartilage is up to eight times more slippery than ice


Cartilage is the superhero when it comes to joints. Up to eight times more slippery than ice and with the ability to soak up and push out water as easily as a sponge, cartilage has evolved perfectly for joints. People that suffer with osteoarthritis experience a loss in cartilage which leads to joints becoming less lubricated and cushioned. The best way to prevent this is to strengthen the muscles around the joint to relieve the load the joint is carrying.

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5 ways your skin supports your lifestyle

If your brain is the body’s super computer, the skin is its keyboard.

Your skin is the window to your lifestyle, if you eat healthy and exercise plenty then your skin reflects this.

What does your skin say about you?

  1. Your skin indicates your age

Once you reach 25 there is a 1.5% annual decrease in collagen, an essential ‘building block’ for our skin. By maintaining collagen levels, you can keep your skin wrinkle free and youthful. There are two main ways of obtaining collagen:

  • Foods such as citrus fruit and red vegetables contain a limited amount of collagen
  • Collagen supplements help boost your natural production of collagen

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Collagen – 5 facts you need to know

  1. Women lose collagen more rapidly than men

Women lose collagen in their skin more rapidly than men during ageing, a process which is accelerated by 2% following menopause. Collagen becomes damaged by factors such as the sun, cigarette smoke and pollution as well as wear and tear over time. If these damaged collagen fibres are not fully repaired then spaces and gaps emerge, causing wrinkles and ill-supported skin. However, it’s not all bad news! Taking products that are rich in antioxidants help to prevent damage caused by free radicals which are a main culprit in collagen depletion.

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8 common sporting challenges you must conquer

8 common sports challenges we must all conquer

Whether you’re a park runner or an elite rugby player, over the course of your sporting life you’re sure to have faced some problems along the way that have stopped you doing what you love. Here are eight common problems that all sports people encounter with tips on how you can avoid them to sustain your training and enhance your performance.


  1. Wrong gear
  2. Occurring injuries
  3. Cramp
  4. Getting race day food wrong
  5. Not taking enough rest days
  6. Not eating the correct recovery food
  7. Lack of sleep
  8. Too focused on weight management

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