How collagen helps with hair loss and thinning hair

Worried about hair loss and thinning hair? You’re not alone

Contrary to popular belief, hair loss and thinning hair is a real problem for women as well as men. Recent studies indicate that an estimated 8 million women in the UK are now suffering from hair loss and one in three has thinning hair. NHS England estimates that around 50% of women over the age of 65 experience female-pattern baldness.


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Probiotics: The good guys in your gut

Commonly known as ‘friendly bacteria’, probiotics are increasingly being sold in shops as supplements or are even added to the foods we eat. But what are they?

Guarding your gut

Probiotics are living organisms which can be found naturally in foods such as yoghurt, kimchi, miso and kefir.

As in most action films it’s the good guys versus the bad guys and it’s no different in your intestines! Probiotics defend your gut from bad bacteria have a negative impact on our overall health, metabolism and digestive system.

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Face yoga: 5 exercises to lift and tone facial muscles

Did you know you have 52 muscles in your face? Many people go to the gym to work out and tone but do you ever tone the muscles in your face? Facial yoga is completely natural and may increase the size of muscles in the face, making cheeks look fuller and firmer.

Face yoga is a growing trend. A 20 week study by NorthWestern Medicine, led by Dr.Murad Alam concluded that there is evidence facial exercise may even reduce some visible signs of ageing. Just following the short routine below can give you a clear, healthy complexion with a beautiful glow with less toxins and increase your skins ability to absorb moisture.

5 exercises to move your muscles and tighten their appearance:

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Looking for good health, flawless skin and an impeccable immune systems? The pathway to these elusive life qualities seems obviously signposted by special salon treatments, healthy foods and science backed supplements. But there’s another way.

This option is said by some to be delicious, it can help with everything from head to toe, inside and out and the recommended dose is just serving a day? Here we discuss the benefits about the much talked about and feted bone broth and explain how and why to make it.

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3 ways your skincare product can multitask to save time

3 ways your skincare product can multitask to save time

Multitasking skincare products can simplify your skincare routine and save you time.

When it comes to saving time in front of mirror, we need clever skincare products that can offer more than one benefit and do the hard work for us.

A facial cream that hydrates, visibly improves the problem areas such as dark circles and fine lines, and prepares the skin for the makeup would be welcome in our bathrooms anytime!

Luckily for us such multitasking facial creams exist and they share these 3 qualities:

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The surprising benefits of omega oils

Today’s eating habits are more and more calorific. Biscuits, chips, carbohydrates, starchy and highly processed food has overwhelmed our diet. This food intake often lacks omega oil, a fatty acid which has a predominant place in a healthy body. Omega oils help everything from the skin to the brain and even the respiratory system.

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