Are you guilty of sleep arrogance? Take the test

Sleep, eat, drink, work, repeat. We all do these just about every day but how good at you at the sleeping and how much do you value your rest?

‘We know it’s vital to our wellbeing yet we convince ourselves we can manage with less. Take our test to check how your rest rates.

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Switch up your skincare for winter

With the temperature dropping and the humidity almost disappearing, it’s safe to say that winter is just a few months away. You’ve already swapped your summer dresses and sandals to winter jumpers and boots but have you thought about your skincare? Winter brings a whole new set of problems to our skin so as it gets cooler and air becomes dry, it’s worth switching up your skincare routine too. Continue reading →

From fat to fit in just 4 minutes

The rise in popularity of high intensity interval training (HIIT) is helping to get Britain fitter faster. This approach to fitness is in contrast to traditional methods that relied on long slow runs, structured classes or participation in competitive sport.

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5 things women with healthy skin always do

Although your genes determine how well or badly your skin will age, the way you nurture your skin can slow down the ageing process. These are the five habits of women who look after their skin to preserve its beauty year after year.

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7 essential nutrients for healthy hair, nails and skin

We’ve all suffered from dull hair, brittle nails and dry skin at some stage in our lives. Poor nutrition, life style stresses, hormonal imbalance and ageing are often the reasons why we suddenly get lifeless hair, weak nails and discoloured skin.

Balanced diet is the key

Having a balanced and healthy diet packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids are necessary for overall wellbeing.
Listed below are the key nutrients that could boost your diet to support shiny hair, radiant skin and strong nails.





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10 Half marathon tips


This Sunday the Great North Run will welcome over 50,000 first timers, fun runners, club athletes and elites to the North East. With so many running events happening across the UK these days, it’s easy to overlook that this is the world’s biggest half marathon.

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