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There’s no planet B

There’s no planet B

We carefully select our partners so that we can do our best and constantly progress our efforts to look after the planet. We're taking action towards reducing our environmental footprint and we hope you can join us.

Earth Day was put in the calendar to protest the negative impacts of industrial development and celebrate its natural wonders. The pollution, wastage and smog were negatively impacting the health of many people as well as the development of young children. Unfortunately, these are all factors which are very much relevant in today’s society. While we work to continuously improve our practice as a brand to ensure we reduce our impact on our planet, we have already begun research and taken steps in protecting it.

Vegetable-based ink

When choosing our printing partners to work with on quality materials we look for vegetable-based ink before anything else- we need to know they care about sustainability. We know how important it is to recycle, which means making every effort to create packaging that will be safe for the environment. We also use other biodegradable such as our product cartons.

While our cartons and print marketing materials are FSC approved (as an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests) and ISO 14001 approved printers (The ISO 14001 environmental management standard exists to help organisations minimise how their operations waste & pollute- and to maximise positive activities and recycling).

We're staying close to home

To cut down on fuel emission, we're working with suppliers who are mainly based in the UK or Europe. We also manufacture all our products in the UK. We hope to continue to work even closer to home as we develop. Not only this but whatever we receive at Proto-col HQ we either reuse or recycle, cut back on unnecessary electrical appliances- switch off that lightbulb! 

Keep your skin clear and your earth clean

Look after your skin with one vital step, SPF. Our Intense Protection Day Moisturiser should take care of your skin to help stop impurities such as pollution making its way into your pores or damaging your skin cells. Pollution can not only prematurely age the skin but allow toxic particles to imbed into the skin causing long term damage. Designed to shield against environmental pollutants, Intense Protection Day Moisturiser will leave skin feeling soft and supple. Before application, we suggest using Microdermabrasion once or twice a week to uplift dirt from the surface of the skin. Transforming skin texture with the use of pearl and diamond extract, Microdermabrasion supports the natural renewal process.

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