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How to prevent dry hands

How to prevent dry hands
 Season changes cry for one thing and one thing only, a reflection on your skincare. If the weather is getting colder, a thicker application of different products might be needed to lock in moisture, and if it’s summer then lighter formulas that absorb into the skin straight away might be what we opt for. One thing is for certain, skin always reacts to the changing of the seasons.

Not only does the change in a climate not help your skin, but the current pandemic requires everyone to wash their hands frequently enough to try and kill all possible bacteria. Constant washing, alcoholic hand gels and frequent applications of soap can mean that the skin becomes tired and dries out very quickly. It doesn’t allow it to produce natural oils which can mean the skin becomes dehydrated and develop dry skin.

Keep moisturised

Keeping your skin moisturised is the unwritten rule for anyone who knows anything about skincare, but never has it been so well needed. Proto-col Hand Cream is the perfect partner with Collagen Hand Gel. Not only does the Hand Cream contain shea butter and Aloe vera, but vitamins A, E and F which will revive and rejuvenate your skin. An instant antidote for cracked or busy hands. Designed to replenish your skin of all its missing goodness, this will also nourish and protect your hands from day to day tasks and promote cell renewal.


If you find your skin has areas where it’s really dry or perhaps reactive to hay fever etc, try applying Miracle Balm. This will promote healing properties to the skin and intensely moisture with its rich formula. It contains 7 key ingredients all known for their calming, antioxidant-rich and anti-bacterial properties.

Prevent added stress

Another reason your skin may be playing up, especially on your hands, could be stress-related. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed during such a difficult time and can lead to anxiety or extra worry. Find a method of calming those worries that suits you, whether that’s burying yourself in a good book, a box set or even practicing yoga or home workouts. These should help to uplift some feelings of worry.


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