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What are collagen peptides?

What are collagen peptides?

We talk a lot about collagen supplements and how they are great for supporting your body and wellbeing. However, they don’t come without their share of controversy and confusion. Take collagen peptides as an example. What are they? What do they do? Why do we use them in our Proto-col beauty and wellbeing supplements?

Well, here is everything you need to know about collagen peptides; keep reading to find out more...

Collagen supplements and collagen peptides

As you may already know, collagen is already within your body – it is found mainly in your connective tissues, bones, and skin. The collagen found in supplements is not like the collagen in your body, however. It has been through a process to make it more digestible and more effective for your body. Because like everything we ingest, collagen protein is subject to the exact same processes of digestion. No exception. But that’s where our specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides® technology really comes into its own.
Using a special process of enzymatic hydrolysis, native collagen protein is broken down into smaller chains of amino acids (the building blocks of the body) – or as we call it, collagen peptides. They go through this process so that the longer chains can form shorter chains and, further hydrolysis leads to short and specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides®. By becoming a shorter variant, the peptides become highly digestible and more bioavailable, helping your body absorb them far easier.
Collagen peptides contain eight essential amino acids and are naturally high in proline, glycine and hydroxyproline. These all help our bodies remain in good health. 
It is not uncommon to see the expression of hydrolysed collagen used interchangeably with collagen peptides. Both refer to the more easily digestible form of the collagen protein. 

How do collagen peptides work & how are they used? 

When taken in a supplement format, collagen peptides build up in the skin and cartilage and help to improve the wellbeing of our skin, joints, connective tissues and other beauty concerns like hair and nails. 
The collagen peptides that we use in our products: TENDOFORTE®, FORTIGEL® and VERISOL® are different to each other. Each collagen peptide has a unique molecular size and consist of specific polypeptide chains. Remember those short chains we were talking about earlier.
These shorter chains can more easily survive digestion, which means they remain intact when passing through the gut barrier. Once they get past this point, essentially, they can get to work in targeting specific areas of the body like your skin, your cartilage and even your muscles. Giving you maximum functionality and value for money for every gram of the supplement you are taking. 
You might be wondering how we know all of this - well, it is from the research we have undertaken and the vast experience we have with collagen! By ingesting the Bioactive Collagen Peptides ®, you stimulate your body’s own collagen metabolism. Triggering the production of more collagen and the end result is that you will have more collagen available to support your body! 

Why are Proto-col peptides the best? 

The Bioactive Collagen Peptides® used within Proto-col supplements have a 98.4% digestibility. A unique single helix structure (a much stronger and narrower shape than other collagen peptides) results in those peptides being absorbed almost entirely by the gut cells, as mentioned previously. 
This is because they have a strong peptide bond, which is resistant to the digestive enzymes that break down weaker peptide bonds.
The Bioactive Collagen Peptides® in Proto-col products are also proven to provide other amazing benefits, like targeting joint pain, that other generic collagen supplements cannot provide, even if you were to take double their daily dose! 
These peptides have been independently tested and consistently deliver strong results. 

The clinical results 

There are multiple clinical studies on the collagen peptides we use within our supplements. We will take you through them briefly below, but you can find the clinical studies in full on our science page. 


When the Bioactive Collagen Peptide VERISOL B® gets consumed orally, it affects the collagen metabolism in the dermis (the inner layer of skin). It stimulates collagen-producing cells, also known as fibroblasts. VERISOL B® is designed to support skin health and, it features collagen that has been optimised for beauty applications. 
A clinical study found that after four weeks of supplementation of VERISOL B®, there was a 15% increase in skin elasticity. Participants took 2500mg or 5000mg of VERISOL B®, with more noticeable results observed in women over 50.


A unique and innovative type II optimised collagen peptide formulation that has been designed for the regeneration of joint tissue and cartilage. FORTIGEL® can help ease joint discomfort and keep joints smooth and mobile – allowing you to go about your daily routine and exercise.
One hundred and eighty men and women aged between 18-30 who experience knee pain during and after exercise were observed in a double-blind study. Each participant was given 5,000mg of FORTIGEL® or placebo for 12 weeks. The study found there was a 45% pain reduction for those who had taken the FORTIGEL® peptide. 


Tendons and ligaments that are strong are crucial for movement control, stability, and better mobility. TENDOFORTE® targets the collagen-producing cells within tendons and ligaments and is designed to increase the health and quality of each to support a strong and active body. 
The clinical study focusing on a flexible and mobile body involved a double-blind placebo-controlled involving 20 men and women with Achilles tendinopathy aged between 36-52 taking 2500mg of TENDOFORTE® alongside a specialised exercise programme. Within three months, the study found that 60% of patients returned to running faster. 

The bottom line

Simply put, collagen peptides are smaller chains of collagen that can be digested better and can be absorbed by the body more efficiently. They also can target specific areas in the body much more effectively.
We can see that Bioactive Collagen Peptides® do become functional within the body. Our very own Complete Collagen daily sachets are the first of their kind – combining 8000mg of premium grade bovine Bioactive Collagen Peptides® with nourishing vitamins and minerals like vitamins C, E, B6, biotin, zinc, and copper.
Created using VERISOL® that targets the skin and TENDOFORTE® that targets the soft tissue, tendons and ligaments, Complete Collagen supports vibrant skin and an active body. 
Each of the peptides mentioned feature in our ranges of beauty supplements, joint supplements, and collagen drinks. You can find them on our website

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