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The transition to autumn skin

The transition to autumn skin

It’s time for an autumn clean, and we’re not talking about your home or wardrobe but rather your skincare. It’s important to understand how the skin develops throughout the changing of the seasons. As the weather gets colder, your skin can take a toll which should motivate you to pay attention.

It’s important to start changing up your skincare and revisiting and revamping your collection. After months of warm weather your skin needs more attention and to be overcompensated with rich moisturisers and serums.


Going from central heating to the cold dry air can dehydrate skin and make it lose all moisture. Layering your skincare is one of the best ways to lock in moisture and retain hydration. By layering your skincare, this allows you to be able to swap out products when you want a lighter application.

Pay attention to your ingredients

Making sure your skincare has a high level of active ingredients means that your skin will be treated, and your cells will renew having been cared for. Hyaluronic Acid is one of the best ways of locking in moisture while hydrating the skin leaving it soft and supple. However, there isn’t a best set of ingredients as everybody’s skin is different.


Playing a uniquely important role when it comes to alleviating dry skin, antioxidants help to support the skin from environmental effects. These environmental effects include sun damage from the summer, air pollution and any bacteria transfer from constantly touching your skin. This slowly chips away at the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture.

Skincare isn't just for your face

When the cold weather hits, it's not just your face that requires some TLC. Skin all over your body (or isolated patches) may begin to feel dry, tight and itchy. This is due to the dry air that can make your skin dry. The increase in dead skin and thirsty cells means that a body lotion should be a priority when reviewing your skincare routine. Applying while the skin is still slightly damp after a bath or shower will lock in moisture and stop your skin from losing their essential oils.

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