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How can we care for skin after sun exposure?

How can we care for skin after sun exposure?

Too much exposure to the sun can make your skin age quickly with wrinkles, age spots and a dehydrated texture without collagen.

When UV rays reach the skin, it damages the skin cells and causes mutations in their DNA. If the skin is beyond repair, the cells die off and blood vessels dilate to increase blood flow and bring immune cells to the skins surface to help clean up (which is why our skin is so red and begins to peel).

Although it is difficult to correct the suns damage on the skin, there are many ways to prevent it. Follow the steps below to stay safe:

  • Be sure to choose a sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher and regularly apply it throughout the day, especially at peak times such as midday.
  • When possible find shade, the UV rays will still reach the skin but they are in less direct contact
  • Apply sun protection at least 30 minutes before going in the sun
  • Cover yourself with hats, sunglasses and loose fitting clothing
  • Drink water and allow the skin cells plenty of hydration
  • Take collagen supplements to promote natural production and prevent skin damage

Although most people know how to be sensible when the sun shines, it is easy to be affected. Taking collagen supplementation or using collagen based skincare means that wrinkles and fine lines will reduce over time. Not only this, but using skincare rich in collagen means that when applied, the skin will thrive from the moisture and be drenched in hydration.

Plumping out signs of ageing in the face can un-do some of the damaging affects of the sun.

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