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Behind the Brand

Behind the Brand

Our story began in 2003 when a life-changing sports injury and miraculous recovery defied all odds.
Collagen was instrumental to our founder James Greenwell’s recovery from an Achilles tendon tear. It enabled him to return to his sporting career when his doctors said it would not be possible.

James says that his injury helped him understand collagen’s ability to repair and regenerate the body; and how it is fundamental to the way our skin looks and feels. He describes it as “the glue that holds us together”. Our range of products were born out of his personal experience with one mission: to make collagen accessible to everyone.
At Proto-col we are guided by our set of brand values that have been devised to ensure we deliver the absolute best to our customers:

  • Science guides the research and development of our new products.
  • Innovation and exploring new ways of doing things are in our DNA.
  • Curiosity makes us life-long learners.
  • Connectivity shapes our relationships.
  • Trust informs our culture and behaviour.

We strongly believe that if you want to achieve healthier-looking skin, the best approach is to take care of it from the inside out. This approach to beauty and wellness has helped people look, feel, and move better ever since.
As we have previously touched upon in our blogs, the ageing process starts with the loss of collagen. During this process, our collagen reserves deplete, and the signs of ageing become visible.

By stimulating our body’s collagen production, we can ensure that our collagen reserves never run out. And our clinically proven products do just that, helping you to appear youthful for as long as possible while supporting the natural ageing process.
We’ve also discussed the many forms of collagen, including powders, capsules, liquids, and gels, and how they are designed for use in several different ways. Since our inception, we have created a versatile range of clinically proven formulations that can support and complement any lifestyle.
Our product development and research are led by science and underpinned by a deep knowledge of the human body and the role collagen plays in our wellbeing. We want to provide our customers with solutions that meet their expectations. We are also committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with our customers to get the best out of their collagen journey. 
When we launched in 2003, we did so with our Collagen Capsules before launching our collagen-infused skincare range in 2004. Since then, we have researched, created, and brought to market other forms of collagen supplements like our vegan collagen-boosting Skin Radiance, the innovative Complete Collagen gel sachet and our range of collagen joint supplements – making sure there is a product for everyone to start their collagen journey with.
Our collagen supplements are designed with specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, each with a unique molecular size to target areas in the body:

  • Collagen Beauty Supplements to improve skin, hair, nails, and cellulite.

  • Collagen Supplements for Joints - targeting cartilage tissue.

  • Our latest innovation Complete Collagen offers twice the science to benefit both skin and connective tissues, which keep your body flexible and mobile.

These peptides have been independently tested and have consistently delivered strong results in clinical studies.
With clinical studies, and eighteen years of experience behind us, we are leading the collagen revolution. A trusted British brand, loved by our customers, and endorsed by aesthetic professionals.

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