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Can antioxidants help you look & feel younger?

anti oxidants
I am always being asked if you can actually eat the right nutritional foods to help look and feel younger… the simple answer is YES you can. The next question I get asked is how… and again the simple answer is antioxidants. Let me explain: The theory is that the sun and external toxins (air pollution, smoke etc.) place our skin and bodies under oxidative stress.  It does this by producing free radicals. Basically, free radicals are molecules lacking an electron in its outer shell.  They buzz around and aggressively try to snatch an electron from another molecule.  It doesn't care where it gets this electron from and will grab an electron from say, a nucleus, a cell membrane, a mitochondria. When it hungrily steals an electron, its victim now needs an electron and grabs one wherever it can find one.  This creates an unstable situation. An anti-oxidant is essentially a reducing agent.  The antioxidant will donate an electron to help the free radical gain control of itself.  The free radical now does not need to take someone else's electron and we end up with complete stability. Our body has its own antioxidant system.  However, smoking, toxin build-up, etc can deplete our internal stores.  That is why we need them from outside sources, such as food.   The last question I get asked is what foods/products should I take to get this antioxidant rejuvenation… I have been recommending proto-col green magic for the last 10 years! proto-col green magic is the only antioxidant product that I’ve ever come across that has two blind tested clinical trials that look specifically at the rejuvenation of cells.  Both studies came to the same conclusion that taking 3 teaspoons of green magic per day for 3 months could lower your biological age by an average of 13.5 years! I have used proto-col green magic myself now for almost 11 years.  Right from when I was a full-time athlete with the British Modern Pentathlon team and even now as the Performance Director of Irish Modern Pentathlon, green magic is always part of my daily diet and always a product I recommend to all my athletes.   Why don’t you give it a go… see and feel the difference green magic can make to your health and wellness.   Andy Mackenzie – Performance Director,  Pentathlon Ireland proto-col green magic
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