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5 ways your skin supports your lifestyle

5 ways your skin supports your lifestyle
If your brain is the body’s super computer, the skin is its keyboard. Your skin is the window to your lifestyle, if you eat healthy and exercise plenty then your skin reflects this.

What does your skin say about you?

  1. Your skin indicates your age
Once you reach 25 there is a 1.5% annual decrease in collagen, an essential ‘building block’ for our skin. By maintaining collagen levels, you can keep your skin wrinkle free and youthful. There are two main ways of obtaining collagen:
  • Foods such as citrus fruit and red vegetables contain a limited amount of collagen
  • Collagen supplements help boost your natural production of collagen
  1. Your skin is a hydration display gauge
Many people become confused if their skin is dehydrated or dry. There are some distinct differences:
  • Dehydrated skin lacks water, the physical signs include tightness, the appearance of smaller pores and a scaly, rough texture.
  • The physical signs of dry skin are itchiness and red patches.
  • Taking products containing hyaluronic acid and collagen help to prevent dehydrated skin.
  1. Your skin is your body’s thermostat
Your skin plays a key role in regulating body temperature by controlling the glands and pores within the skin. When the temperature rises, sweat glands are activated and help cool the body down. When temperatures are lower, blood vessels tighten and pores also become smaller to retain heat.  
  1. Your skin looks after itself
Your skin regenerates itself, creating a new layer every 28 day. When you’re sleeping your skin naturally exfoliates itself however, dead skin can remain on the skin, therefore it is important to remove them with an additional exfoliator. To achieve the best results gently massage the exfoliate into wet skin for three minutes, then rinse with tepid water.  
  1. Your skin protects your health
Your skin is the largest barrier against infection we have, with the average person’s skin covering an area of two square metres. When the skin becomes dry or irritated by harsh soaps, cracks in the skin can occur. These cracks make you vulnerable to infection so it’s important to moisturise daily. To keep your skin working and glowing with health, follow the advice of Jamie-Lee Hart, head therapist at the proto-col Wellness Clinic.  here.   Take time to study your skin this Christmas, it’s already studying you and analysing the world in which you live.  Remember, don’t take your skin for granted – it’s working harder than you realise.   Explore proto-col’s range of natural collagen-based skincare
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