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3 things you didn’t know about how collagen supports your skincare routine

3 things you didn’t know about how collagen supports your skincare routine
There are many skincare fads and products that come and go, with claims thrown around saying it will make your skin the best it has ever been. Collagen is different, it delivers on what it promises and is available in several different formulas. This ranges from topical skincare to supplements and powerful drinks that you can incorporate into any routine easily. 
As the body’s most abundant protein, collagen is a primary component of connective tissue and, it is responsible for your skin’s elasticity, keeping it firm, smooth and youthful. Collagen also helps your skin’s natural renewal process where old skin cells shed to make way for new ones. 
Many people use collagen for skin concerns they may have; because of its known benefits for hair, skin and nails. We’ve put together three things that you may not have known about how collagen supports your skincare routine:

Sun Protection

The skin is composed of three layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutis. The dermis, or middle layer of your skin, contains collagen, elastin and other fibres that support the structure. They give your skin that smooth and youthful appearance but are also the most likely to be damaged by UV radiation. 
Sun exposure plays a significant role in collagen depletion, with up to 80 percent of visible ageing caused by exposure to UV rays from the sun. So, protecting your skin from the sun is one of the most effective measures you can take to increase the collagen within our skin. 
Wearing an SPF all year round is beneficial for your skin health; it shouldn’t just be used seasonally, as UV rays can still get absorbed by the skin and lead to skin damage. It is well worth the extra five seconds to apply an invisible shield of protection during your morning skincare routine.  

Many beauty products contain collagen for topical use, but the real benefits come from inside. Consuming collagen increases your skin’s elasticity and helps the skin’s repair process. Most importantly, it supports the integrity of the top layer of skin, especially as we are going into the warmer months and are more likely to be exposed to more sunlight.  
You can find out more about caring for your skin after sun exposure in one of our previous blogs here

Targeting all layers of the skin

Also known as polypeptides, peptides are naturally occurring in the skin; but are also included in many skincare products. They are the building blocks of collagen and the elastin fibres that are in our skin. Peptides are short chains of amino acids which can tell the body to produce even more collagen. Many call them an anti-ageing powerhouse. 
As the collagen molecule is too large to absorb through the skin, collagen supplements increase digestibility. These are an ideal way for the peptides to reach the deeper layers of skin. By pairing with a topical collagen skincare routine, you are maximising the efficiency of the peptides.
As well as having peptides within collagen supplements, they are also within collagen-based skincare. The peptides can penetrate the outer layer of skin and absorb deeper into the other layers, sending signals to your cells to produce more collagen. 
Benefits of peptides within skincare products can include:
  • Smooth fine lines
  • Increase collagen production
  • Decrease the appearance of pores
  • Strengthen the skin barrier


When you’re hydrated, everything works better: you can think clearly, and your cells function optimally. You might not be surprised to hear this, given that our bodies are composed of 60% water. 

Drinking the daily recommended amount of water is obviously the best way to stay hydrated, but supplements can have a positive effect on your inner and outer hydration too. It can be an easy step to implement within your daily routine. 

Hydrated skin appears smooth, plump, and radiant with fewer lines. But if you find your skin to appear or feel tight, with an increase in fine fines, this could mean that your skin is dehydrated. You can find out if your skin is dehydrated by looking in a mirror and slightly lifting your cheek. If fine lines suddenly appear then you are dehydrated. You will see a difference in your skin if you hydrate both internally and externally.

Internal: Hydration-boosting supplements like Complete CollagenCollagen Cordial and Collagen Shots.
External: High-performing collagen-based skincare formulations.

Collagen is known as a beauty supplement but is also the perfect all-rounder for supporting the body. It is understood that the peptides within collagen can increase skin moisture levels and smoothness

Collagen alone is hydrating and beneficial, but combined with Hyaluronic Acid, and you’ve got yourself a powerhouse skincare product. Applying active skincare will help to nourish and protect the top layer of skin and deeper layers. It will also help to stimulate collagen production. To assist these products penetrate and work optimally, you should cleanse and gently exfoliate regularly to prevent dead skin cells from building up on the surface of the skin. 

There’s no denying that collagen has several benefits for the skin, a positive change on the natural ageing process, and an impact on overall wellbeing.

By taking an inside-out approach to skincare and your routine, not only are you healthy on the inside, but your skin will glow on the outside. 

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