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Winter proof your skin

Winter proof your skin

As we move from the autumnal season to the winter months, the nights last longer, the days get darker, and the temperatures drop. We wrap up in winter coats, extra layers, but forget about the most important thing that is exposed – the delicate skin on our face. The fluctuation in temperatures from central heating to the bitter cold and environmental pollution - often leaves us with cracked lips and dry skin, luckily there’s a way to protect our skin and help keep our complexion glowing and hydrated throughout the transition from winter months until sunnier spring days.  

There’s no better time than the present to nail your winter skincare routine. Keep on reading to get the lowdown on winter-proofing your skin.  


You time

One of the most essential elements to keeping your skin soft and supple is having a good self-care routine, making time out of your busy schedules to maintain that glow. Good skincare products offer more than just functionality – but an excuse for some you-time. Treating yourself to a good pamper session by lining up your favourite skincare products is the perfect luxury for your skin in the winter.   

Gentle, hydrating cleanser

Opting for a cream/milk-based cleanser helps skin to retain moisture levels and feel hydrated. Make sure you reduce the number of products that contain ingredients that strip the skin of its lipids, such as alcohol and astringents that leave it dry and irritated.   

On this note - it can be tempting to jump in a hot shower or bath. The heat dries out our skin even more by stripping its natural oils. Be sure to wash your skin with lukewarm water and reduce your showers to 5-10 minutes. You can start and end your showers with cooler water – in combination with warmer water this can help to improve overall circulation by stimulating blood flow. It is imperative to make sure you’re using the correct temperature of water alongside your skincare products to reduce aggravating your skin more. Our Collagen Cleansing Milk cleanser deeply cleanses to remove trapped pollutants, restores the skin’s natural pH balance and features 11 skin conditioners that won’t leave your skin feeling tight or dry.  

Use a nourishing mask  

What’s the first thing we do when it is cold outside? We crank up the central heating, the reduction of humidity in the air dries our skin out even further, which we need to keep the skin moist.   

Pair the Collagen Cleansing Milk with our Collagen Facemask. To stop the process of stripping the epidermis of its natural oils, indulge your skin with this nourishing facemask blended with aloe vera and orange extracts to help restore, revitalise and refine the complexion. The results? An increase in skin hydration by 45.2%.  


As the humidity changes, the water vapour in the air decreases. This can result in dry eyes – We suggest strengthening the skin’s barrier, keeping this area super hydrated by using a rich, eye cream such as our Eye Filler. Read more about how the change of weather can affect your eyes here



Apply sunscreen

Even during winter, on miserable, gloomy days. We should never skip applying our sunscreen, as the sun can still penetrate through the clouds. On the rare occasion when the UK gets snowfall, snow can reflect the sun’s rays up to 80%, which increases exposure. So, before you head outside in the morning, apply your sun protection. Use the Intense Protection Day Moisturiser SPF 50+ to shield against environmental pollutants, a vital step in every routine, to help protect the skin against harmful UV rays.   


TLC for your lips  

Keep on hand our Miracle Balm at all times! Use this whenever you are out and about and need that extra layer of protection. Dry, flaky lips are not fun, especially when you are regularly using lipstick. When your protective layer is compromised, sometimes it needs some external help to perform its barrier role to prevent further dryness. 




We suggest exfoliating sporadically and not over-exfoliating as this will strip the skin. Exfoliation is great to get rid of any dry skin, but we recommend doing this every two weeks rather than weekly in the winter months. Microdermabrasion works on three levels to discover vibrant, clearer, glowing skin. Jojoba oil hydrates and soothes irritation.  

Have you ever heard of dry body brushing? This natural exfoliating method improves the lymph system and, is an incredible way to boost circulation, buff dry skin, especially for the dry elbows, shins and feet. Begin by brushing the skin with a firm, natural bristle brush in circular motions starting from your feet upwards. Brush each leg up towards your torso, moving on to the arms and stomach. When you reach your chest, do this in a clockwise motion, always brush towards your heart. Some areas can be more sensitive than others, so do lighten your touch in these areas.   

Possible drawbacks of this technique are that it can irritate your skin if you are using the wrong type of brush, never dry brush over psoriasis, eczema, wounds, or rashes as this will worsen any skin conditions. Be sure to moisturise your skin as soon as you have completed the dry brushing. Dry brushing can be invigorating and energizing – it truly makes you feel good and gives you that extra boost in the cold.   

Protect your hands

Our hands are exposed to weather fluctuations, environmental factors just as much as our faces. Not only are we washing our hands more and using Hand Sanitiser to protect ourselves – this causes the skin on our hands to become dry and irritated, protecting this skin is important. Try Proto-cols Hand cream to repair and rebuild dry, chapped skin.  

Inside-out beauty  

We mustn’t forget one of the most important factors to keeping our skin radiant through the cold – nourishing ourselves from the inside. Have you wondered what lack of hydration causes? Dry skin, with a lack of elasticity. Our collagen decreases as we get older the best beauty supplement you can take is Complete Collagen, which has 8,000mg of collagen with two Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, one for the skin and one for the body. The collagen peptides have a unique molecular size to target specific areas in the body. VERISOL B® targets the skin, hair, nails and cellulite, and systematically effects the collagen metabolism in the dermis by stimulating the collagen producing cells (fibroblasts). 




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