The Green Food Diet Book (digital)

The Green Food Diet Book addresses key questions about the food we eat and how this impacts on our wellbeing.

How do we make sure that we get all the nutrients we need from our food to stay healthy and to maintain a healthy weight?

This book is your informative guide to greening your dietary intake.

  • Why is the nutrition content in your food declining?
  • How can you get the optimum level of nutrition form your food?
  • How can fruit and vegetables help prevent disease?
  • What’s the truth about five-a-day?
  • How is it possible to lose weight by eating more?

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We are "the most overfed and undernourished generation in history."

Most of us get far too many calories and not nearly enough quality nutrition. Even supposedly healthy foods are stripped of much of the nutrition that they once contained partly because of intensive farming methods used today.

Over the last 50-100 years:

Broccoli has lost 75% of its calcium
Spinach has lost 59% of its vitamin C
Apples have lost 85% of their phosphorous

But there’s still ways to get all the macro and micro-nutrients that you need for health, energy, vitality and disease prevention.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Info

Author James Greenwell is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and national champion athlete.

James has competed for Great Britain as a Modern Pentathlete for the last 16 years and earned over 50 international caps as well as becoming men’s team captain.

After an injury that threatened to end his athletic career, James became interested in the role of nutrition for recovery. His friend and modern pentathlete Professor Greg Whyte OBE recommended collagen supplementation, which allowed James to make a dramatic recover and rapid return to athletics.

The positive effects of right supplementation on his recovery led him to understand more about nutrition and health. He gained a certificate in Nutrition and Diet with the International Therapy Council James and launched his company proto-col in 2003. The business offers a wide range of nutritional supplements supporting sport performance, everyday wellbeing and immune system care. Proto-col products are now available in more than 20 countries and can be found on TV in the UK and France.

James continues to train and race as a Great Britain age group athlete and competes internationally on Biathle, Triathle and Aquathon. James loves to get out running local footpaths with friends and with his two cocker spaniel training partners, Wooster and Bingo.

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