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proto-col’s new ground-breaking nutritional product slim-fizz is a unique weight loss drink containing high quality Glucomannan, a natural soluble fibre derived from root of the Konjac plant.

  • As featured in the Daily Mail – 20th July 2015.
  • Only 6 calories per serving.
  • Designed to encourage a change in lifestyle.
  • Natural aid to weight loss.
  • Helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels
  • 10 day supply - includes 30 tablets.
  • FREE - Challenge Diet Plan included.

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Product Description

lose weight fast with slim-fizz

Want to lose weight fast? slim-fizz is a unique weight loss effervescent drink containing ground-breaking Glucomannan, a natural soluble fibre derived from high quality refined Konjac.

At only 6 calories per serving slim-fizz has been specifically designed to help control hunger cravings, reduce cholesterol and help with weight loss, when taken as part of a calorie controlled diet.

dissolves fast for a delicious weight loss drink

Dissolve the delicious orange flavour tablet in water and drink immediately; the tablet forms a high-viscosity gel that gently expands in your stomach to help promote the feeling of fullness by forming what can be described as a temporary gastric band within the stomach and intestinal tract.

The length of time to take slim-fizz will depend upon your individual requirements and weight loss goals. Every box of slim-fizz comes with our Challenge Diet Plan to help you kick start your healthy living regime and achieve quick weight loss.

For more information, see our product launch page

Additional Information

Additional Information

Suitability Gluten free, Dairy free, Suitable for vegetarians
Additional Info

An effervescent maltodextrin food supplement with sweetener.

Nutrition Information

Servings per package:
30 servings (10 day supply)

Serving size:
4.20g (1 tablet)

 Average quantity per serving
Energy24kj (6 kcal)
 — of which saturates0.0g
 — of which sugars0.4g
Customer Reviews (14)

Please note: The following reviews are the unsolicited & unedited opinions of their respective authors. While we will use reasonable endeavours to verify the accuracy of any information we place on the Website, we make no warranties, whether expressed or implied in relation to its accuracy. Weight loss results may vary from user to user.

I started taking the slim fizz 8 weeks ago. After initially having 1 tab 3 times a day I lost 3 pounds and inches all over in 3 week. My sweet cravings in the evening disappeared and when I went out for meals couldn't eat the portion sizes that had previously. Now lost half a stone slowly which I wanted as its more sustainable and so pleased that I tried these out, was sceptical but they do work. Review by Mumof2 (Posted on 03/06/2016)
slim fizz
Great bought these 3 week ago I have half hour before main meal lost 4lb only having one a day
Review by milly (Posted on 26/04/2016)
I was sceptical, though would try but was convince it wouldn't work.but am pleased to say was so wrong. Review by Wizard (Posted on 31/01/2016)
Read about the product in the Daily Mail a couple of months ago.
Read about this product in the daily mail about a month before Christmas. I consulted my doctor before I ordered the tablets and he seemed quite happy about me taking them. I have taken them for a week now and have lost about 8lbs. They do exactly what they say they will do and the drink itself is not unpleasant. I will definitely keep taking them until I have reached my target weight. Review by Viv (Posted on 17/01/2016)
Lost 6lb in two weeks before Xmas - but then Xmas got in the way. Back to taking it again it really works for me. Would recommend it. Review by Humbug (Posted on 05/01/2016)
More than pleased
Have taken Slim fizz for five weeks, only taking 2 a day I have lost 10 lbs. I have been careful with carbs and eaten a lot of fruit... which isnt normal for me, but grapes and mango and melon I find acceptable. I am very happy with my weight loss and recommend you give it a try. Review by Suesysue (Posted on 22/11/2015)
not just a fad!!!
ive been taking slim-fizz for about a month now. i now only have one a day(about midday) and can still only manage an evening meal where the portion size is about a third of pre slim-fizz. finally something that works!!! Review by adamski (Posted on 13/11/2015)
Wow wow wow
Having always been slim until I had twins I have been a size 20 for many years as no diet has worked, I have caved in but these keep me full so I only eat my meals and some fruit for snack these are incredible I thought I would be a size 20 forever now I'm cheekily looking up outfits and feeling great again thank you so much for supplying these life changing tablets ps my twins love there new confident mummy too Review by Yummy mummy (Posted on 11/09/2015)
I was very skeptical but having read lots of independent articles, decided to give these fizzy pills a go. I didn't feel full after taking each pill, BUT when I then had a meal, I found that I only wanted a small portion and never went back for more. At first I was preparing my normal portion size but this is now about a third of what I was used to. Also, I now have absolutely no desire to raid the fridge and 'tidy' the block of cheddar that has been there for the past fortnight. I've lost weight and am feeling better than I have for ages. Although I think they are quite expensive, the money you save by not constantly snacking, and not ordering pudding when you eat out is more than making up for it. Have just placed another order. Review by Hippo (Posted on 23/08/2015)
Along with a friend we have both been having slimfizz for the last week and half and it really is working for both of us. It does make you feel full and our food portion sizes have cut down dramatically and no urges to snack in between meals which is great!
You still need to make healthy food choices combined with exercise but having tried many diets over the years this is so easy and something to put you right on track.
Already my clothes are looser than they have been in a long time!
Review by Giveitago (Posted on 14/08/2015)
Does what it says...!
I read about this in a magazine and I thought it sounded too good to be true...
I only took them for a week before my holiday and noticed I had lost a few pounds. I did feel full after having one and I definitely ate less, which is all I wanted. I hope people won't use these instead of eating though!
I am re-ordering more to use with exercise for after holiday.
Review by Fizzy (Posted on 13/08/2015)
It does work
I really have a problem with snacking on sweet things in the evening regardless of how big my evening meal is.I was very surprised that by taking one slim fizz about an hour before my evening meal it completely took away my sweet cravings.I can't say I noticed that I felt any more full up and required a smaller meal,but not snacking in the evening has already lost me 5 lb in two and a half weeks.Best of all I don't feel as though I am depriving myself and feel happy that I can carry on doing this indefinately. Review by Liz (Posted on 13/08/2015)
Tastes better than expected and certainly makes you feel full. Too early to say if weight will drop off though. Review by Mrs B (Posted on 06/08/2015)
Excellent to kick start a healthy eating program
I absolutely love this product! I brought it at a trade show in February and it did exactly what is promised. After having it for the first time I could already see I was not managing to eat as much as I usually would. It was perfect for when I starting eating healthier foods to curb my sugar cravings and appetite. I used to use it everyday but now that my appetite is under control I only use it when I feel my cravings coming back. I have lost 10lbs since February and it is now April. To say I'm happy with this product is an understatement. I will defiantly be purchasing this again. Review by PoshTotty (Posted on 17/04/2015)
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