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  • Green Magic

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    Green Magic is a fusion of 16 of the most powerful natural super foods containing naturally grown ingredients in one unique formulation.

    • Boosts energy, promotes vitality.
    • Provides the nutritional equivalent of 7 servings of fruit and vegetables.
    • Promotes youthful looking skin.
    • Boosts immune function.
    • Promotes cardiovascular health.
    • Improves digestive disorders.
    • Available in several sizes.
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  • Boost

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    Boost your ability to develop a deeper and faster tan by stimulating the melanin production in your skin. Unlike messy tanning creams and sprays, boost capsules are easy to take and can help you get a golden brown tan. No more orange tan disasters!

    • Accelerates the tanning process
    • Packed with vitamins and minerals
    • Increases the production of melanin 
    • Start dosage minimum 1 week before sun exposure
    • Easy to take capsules
    • 120 capsules
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  • Bronze

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    Made from natural ingredients Bronze can help you achieve a golden brown tan without exposing your skin to any harmful UV rays. 

    • Stimulates melanin production for a natural tan
    • Can be used all year round
    • Provides antioxidants to protect the skin from free radical damage 
    • No exposure to ageing sun rays or sunbeds needed
    • 120 capsules
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  • Turmeric Immune System Formula

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    This high-strength turmeric supplement is partnered with vitamin D3 to help strengthen the immune system and support bone and muscle function. Our Turmeric extract (also known as curcumin) is formulated with NovaSOL® and is 185 times more bioavailable than standard turmeric.

    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Antioxidant agent
    • Lowers cholesterol
    • Supports bone and muscle health
    • Easy-to-swallow liquid-filled capsules
    • 10µg Vitamin D3 = 400iu (per serving, 2 capsules)
    • NovaSOL® curcumin 1000mg
    • 1 month supply
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  • Opti-msm

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    Opti-msm is a must have for optimum health and well-being.

    • Natural source of organic sulphur.
    • Helps improve joint mobility.
    • Boosts immune function.
    • Helps you stay youthful by promoting the growth of healthy skin, hair, nails and connective tissue.
    • 60 tablets.
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  • Colostrum Powder 30% Active IgG

    Colostrum 30%+ Active IgG is an extremely high quality colostrum product that can enhance immunity to a wide range of bacteria, toxins and viruses.

    • Formulated for sports performance and immune system recovery.
    • May contribute to a growth in muscle mass.
    • Can help alleviate issues such as food allergies and poor digestion by acting as an anti-inflammatory.
    • May also help to metabolise fat, increase lean muscle, energy levels and stamina.
    • Sourced from pasture fed cows.
    • Available in 300g and 600g.
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