skin radiance with skinax

skin radiance with skinax
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Illuminate, brighten and refresh your complexion with vegan skin radiance in just 8 weeks *

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formulated with skinax2

proto-col skin radiance helps restore a youthful and bright complexion by providing the antioxidants needed to minimise the damaging effects of oxidative stress. It’s a purely plant-based formulation.

This supplement features SkinAx2™, a formulation of vegan ingredients with exceptional bioavailability. Rich in antioxidants, SkinAx2™ has been clinically tested to show improved skin tone and elasticity within eight weeks of supplementation.*

A unique blend of red berries, seeds and plant extracts is also included to further boost the antioxidant power of skin radiance.

What is SkinAx2

SkinAx2™ combines the antioxidant activity of bioavailable polyphenols (a group of flavonoids) from Champagne grapes, S.O.D from French melon, zinc and vitamin C.

What is Red Berry Blend?

Our antioxidant Red Berry Blend is a union of typically red, blue and purple natural foods that are prized their high nutrient load. They include cranberry, goji berry, blueberry, strawberry, baobab, raspberry, acai, bilberry, hytolive, purple carrot and cherry.

These foods are blended together to help fight free radicals that clinical studies have linked to premature ageing and serious disease. Antioxidants also support collagen production and protect skin fibres to promote the skin’s natural glow.

  • Clinical results of SkinAx - After 2 months usage
    pie chart
    The skin luminosity is improved by 26%
    pie chart
    62% of women found their skin smoother
    pie chart
    62% of women found their skin texture refined
    pie chart
    68% of women found their skin firmer
  • Clinical results of SkinAx - Dark circles
    pie chart
    pie chart
    Clinical results of SkinAx - Uneven skin
    pie chart
    pie chart
  • Clinical results of SkinAx - Skin problems
    pie chart
    The redness/rosacea is improved
    pie chart
    The spots are less visible and reduced
    Clinical results of SkinAx - Skin elasticity
    pie chart
    skin elasticity increased
boosts collagen and elastin

Boosts collagen and elastin

Skin radiance boosts the collagen and elastin production by its high value of antioxidants such as vitamin C. It can help reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture and protect the skin fibres. Zinc also serves as a co-factor for the collagen production as it activates proteins essential for collagen growth.

vitamin c promotes hydration

Promotes hydration

With added vitamin C, skin radiance protects the skin’s barrier, reducing transepidermal water loss (TEWL) to keep the skin hydrated. Without a barrier, pathogens, chemicals and environmental exposures (e.g humidity, pollution, etc) starts to reduce TEWL.

restores radiance

Restores radiance

Vitamin C and zinc is combined with our Red Berry Blend in this supplement to help regulate blood circulation. This oxygenates the skin to improve vitality, hydration and radiance.

decreases dark circles and spots

Decreases dark circles and spots

The addition of Superoxide dismutase (SOD) French melon and our Red Berry Blend helps the skin to absorb antioxidants, key nutrients for overall skin health. These combine to help combat dark circles, dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

fights free radicals

Fights free radicals

Oxidative damage caused by free radical molecules in the body is known to be a major cause of ageing and clinical studies have linked them with serious disease.

Free radicals react with organic substances such as fatty acids, proteins or DNA to cause this damage.

When antioxidants are incorporated into the body through nutrition or supplementation, they can protect the body from free radicals.

Price: £34.95