informed sport

LGC tested products - Informed Sport registered

These products undergo an extensive independent batch testing procedure carried out by the world class anti-doping laboratory LGC Sport and Specialised Analytical Services to ensure that they are free from a wide range of substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). This provides the highest level of assurance for athletes that the products are safe to use.

What is Informed Sport?

Informed-Sport is a supplement testing and certification programme which provides assurance to athletes that products carrying the Informed-Sport logo have been regularly tested for prohibited substances and are manufactured to the highest quality standards. A number of professional sporting bodies (such as the FA, RFU and PGA) highly recommend that athletes only choose vitamins and supplements that carry the Informed-Sport logo.

Samantha Murray - Qualified for Rio 2016

Assurance for Athletes

At proto-col we have made Informed-Sport part of our existing quality assurance systems to ensure that our products are safe for athletes to use.

Recent research carried out by LGC found that as many as one-in-ten well-known European supplement brands contain low levels of steroids and stimulants that are prohibited by the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and other sporting bodies. So managing the risk by only taking products that are supported by a full certificate of analysis is important.

  • All production batches tested prior to release for sale
  • Regular blind sample testing within the marketplace
  • Product testing using ISO17025 accredited analytical methods
  • In-depth audit of manufacturing quality controls
  • Pre-registration batch testing
  • Full certificate of analysis

Stringent Quality Control

proto-col have been working closely with Informed-Sport who provide high quality analytical testing to minimise the risk of banned contaminants finding their way into our products and into the sports industry.

This rigorous certification programme is voluntary for supplement companies who wish to register some, or all, of their products and carry the Informed-Sport logo on those products.

Athletes who see the Informed-Sport logo on a proto-col product can be assured it has undergone an extensive screening programme for substances banned by sport and is safer to use than supplements which do not carry the logo.