Colostrum Powder 30% active IgG 300g

Colostrum Powder 30% active IgG 300g


Colostrum 30%+ Active IgG is colostrum of the highest quality and is naturally produced to support the body’s immune system. It is rich in Immunoglobulin G, a powerful antibody.

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Immune System Health

Gluten Free


10g per day

Why Colostum?

Sourced from pasture-fed cows in Europe, this high quality colostrum is naturally rich in Immunoglobulin G (Active IgG); 30% refers to active IgG. This powerful antibody can support the normal function of the immune system. The colostrum is processed using a non-denatured low heat spray drying process to ensure the product’s integrity. Our colostrum represents a modest percentage of the first 50 litres of mother’s milk post-birth of the calf. It is sensitively and ethically sourced to ensure ample supply of milk to the calf.

• 30% Active Immunoglobulin G

• Supports the immune system

• Sensitively and ethically sourced


Ingredients: Spray Dried Bovine Colostrum, Sweet Whey Powder, Milk Protein Concentrate Powder, Non-Fat Dry Milk Powder, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin), Flavour Enhancer.

Allergen advice: MILK

Directions of Use

Take 10g per day. Blend it into drinks and smoothies or stir it into yogurt or porridge.

Additional Information

Gluten free. Vegetarian. Take 10g/day. This jar contains 30 servings.

Allergen advice: MILK