Collagen Capsules (625mg) (120 capsules)

The only collagen capsules clinically proven to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as increase skin elasticity. These super strength collagen capsules provide you with the required daily dose, 2500mg, of VERISOL® bioactive collagen peptide to deliver results.

  • Visibly improve the appearance of wrinkles
  • Visibly reduce fine lines
  • Noticeably improves skin elasticity
  • Promotes healthier and younger looking skin
  • VERISOL® beauty claims are complient with FSE guidelines  (Food Supplements Europe) 
  • 120 capsules = 30 day supply
  • Each capsule contains 625mg of collagen hydrolysate
gluten free
lactose free
dairy free

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Clinical studies

A clinical study of 69 women aged between 35 and 55 years revealed that taking VERISOL® bioactive collagen leads to statistically significant higher skin elasticity – up to 15%, when compared to placebo treatment. The effect could be measured after just 4 weeks of intake and it was persistent after 8 weeks of taking VERISOL®. 4 weeks after the last intake of VERISOL® still showed higher skin elasticity levels than in the placebo group.

Click here to view the study: "Oral Supplementation of Specific Collagen Peptides Has Beneficial Effects on Human Skin Physiology: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study"

A further clinical study of 114 women aged between 45 and 65 years revealed that taking VERISOL® bioactive collagen leads to statistically significant reduction in eye wrinkle volume when compared to placebo treatment. After just 4 weeks participants experienced over 7.2% reduction in wrinkle volume, whilst after 8 weeks this figure had grown to over 20.1% reduction in wrinkle volume. The highest reduction of wrinkle volume achieved after 8 weeks was 49.9%.

Click here to view the study: "Oral Intake of Specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides Reduces Skin Wrinkles and Increases Dermal Matrix Synthesis"

Designed for both men and women, this orally consumed daily food supplement supports the body’s own collagen formation to help slow down and combat the visible signs of ageing.

As we age, it’s the loss of collagen protein that makes skin lose its firmness and is directly linked to the signs of ageing, with the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and a reduction in skin elasticity. These super strength collagen capsules delivering 2500mg per daily dose, use VERISOL® type I and III bovine collagen hydrolysate which is the closest match to human DNA and is the only source of collagen scientifically proven to repair and restore levels of collagen within the body.

VERISOL® works at a deeper level, as it systemically affects the collagen metabolism in the dermis, rather than just reaching the outer layers of skin like creams and topical products do. As it is orally consumed it influences the skin’s collagen metabolism directly from the inside, to increase the skin moisture and slow down the formation of wrinkles.

Approved by FSE (Food Supplements Europe) recognised by EFSA (European Food Standards Agency) VERISOL® studies have confirmed that VERISOL® addresses the main concern of both men and women with regards to ageing skin, elasticity and firmness as well as wrinkles. People taking products containing natural Bioactive Collagen Peptide VERISOL® have reported noticeably firmer and smoother skin with fewer wrinkles

Additional Info

Additional Info

Suitability Gluten free, Lactose free, Dairy free
Volume 120 capsules
Additional Info

Suitability: Gluten free, Lactose free, Dairy free

Volume: 120 capsules

Ingredients: Verisol (Collagen Hydrolysate Type I and III), Gelatine (bovine capsule).

Directions: The minimum recommended dosage is 4 capsules per night (delivering 2500mg). The capsules should be taken prior to going to bed as the first phase of sleep is when maximum repair and regeneration occurs, and for maximum results they should be taken on an empty stomach or at least 1.5 hours after eating a main meal.

Customer Reviews (6)

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Fantastic product
Absolutely love these collagen capsules. My skin looks at least 10 years younger than my age and it has also firmed out the crepiness on my upper arms which appeared due to taking fat burner capsules and losing fat on my arms. I never want to be without this product, recommend it 100%. Review by Barbiegirl (Posted on 20/03/2019)
Great results
I have tried several brands and this is the one that has worked. I have been on for only 3 weeks or so and I am already noticing the difference. Review by Robbie (Posted on 29/01/2019)
The best collagen
This is by far the best collagen in the market and the price is very competitive. I have been using it for years now and I am not looking back. I look much more younger than I should and I feel good. Review by Mark J (Posted on 29/01/2019)
The most potent version of there spectacular capsules yet for which they work wonders! Proto-col are always at the forefront with the latest collagen technology, and in doing so ensures their collagen is of the highest quality that science has to offer. Review by Mark (Posted on 18/09/2017)
Most amazing supplement ever, works miracles.
Have been using from the original formula to this latest one in excess of ten years.
Also bought for my mother then 80+ years old with supporating leg ulcers! We increased the dose massively and unbelievably the deep ulcers became history....
worth the cost many times over.
Also, a friend and I were both unlucky enough to get carcinomas on the face. These
had to be surgically removed - absolutely no scars whatsoever, due to proto-col.
Absolutely in my view the best supplement ever. Thankyou.
Review by Sonia (Posted on 22/08/2017)
First class product
In my opinion this is the best collagen supplement on the market, everyone should take this as it helps stop the signs of ageing and helps ease joint pain too. Well done to James greenwell and the team at proto-col. Review by Julian cai e (Posted on 27/06/2016)
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Questions & Answers

Q. What are the side effects of taking collagen?

A. Side effects of collagen supplements may also include risk of hypercalcemia. This may be the case if the tablets contain marine sources, such as shellfish or shark cartilage, which usually also contain high amounts of calcium. Symptoms of calcium overdose include chronic fatiguenausea, and abnormal heart rhythms.

This is not the case with proto-col collagen for our collagen (verisol b – beauty & fortigel – Sport) is derived from a bovine source.  The reason why we have chosen this source of collagen is because the results achieved have proven scientific evidence. 

Q. What are the benefits of taking collagen supplements?

A. Top benefits of taking a collagen supplement

May ease joint pain. As your cartilage weakens and deteriorates with age, you may start to feel stiff, achy joints.

Collagen Verisol B is clinically proven to reverse skin aging.

Improve skin elasticity and reduce the depth of wrinkles.

Helps build muscle and burn fat.  Collagen is a structural protein and is Anabolic in the body, this helps to produce lean muscle mass.

May reduce cellulite. – this is because it works to create lean muscle mass when used as part of a strength training program.

May improve digestive health – this is because it’s a highly absorbable protein. We use the term bioavailable – to mean the body can utilise the protein very easily.

Collagen benefits have also been linked with

Brain and Alzheimer's Protection.

Prevent and Help Treat Heart Disease.

Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Ease Joint Pain.

Broken Nails.

Q.  Is it safe to take collagen supplements?

 A. Research confirms that supplementing with collagen is a safe and effective way to improve the health of skin and joints.  The World health organisation have stated that taking a larger dose of collagen hydrolysate is safe to take.

Q. Do collagen pills really work?

The simple answer is yes.  The best way to help the body produce collagen, needed to repair cartilage, joints and other connective tissues, and to have metabolically active lean tissue, is to take a collagen supplement.  Verisol B is now (2015) clinically proven to stimulate collagen type I (procollagen I / ) production by some 65%.  Eating a healthy diet, with adequate protein can help but it doesn’t compare to the intake of a high-grade collagen supplement. Taking vitamin C also helps the body produce collagen in connective tissue.

Q. Can collagen help you lose weight?

A.  Collagen can help you lose weight, but it won't do all of the work for you. Collagen is great for providing you just the right tools to act alongside your diet and exercise program.  Adding collagen into your diet can help to decrease your food intake, beat cravings, and prevent pain which can result from physical activity.  In order to achieve weight loss, it must be used in conjunction with an exercise program to create lean muscle mass. This is not bulky or large muscles, but more lean dense muscles.