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Gluten Free
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Made from natural ingredients Bronze can help you achieve a golden brown tan without exposing your skin to any harmful UV rays. 

  • Stimulates melanin production for a natural tan
  • Can be used all year round
  • Provides antioxidants to protect the skin from free radical damage 
  • No exposure to ageing sun rays or sunbeds needed
  • 120 capsules

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Product Description

What is Bronze?

Bronze is an easy to use self-tanning supplement which provides the essential nutrients your body needs to develop a glowing tan naturally. No exposure to the harmful rays of the sun or sunbeds is required to achieve a tan.

How does Bronze work?

Containing five natural carotenoids such as beta-carotene, bronze stimulates melanin production. Melanin is a pigment which darkens the skin when exposed to UV rays, protecting skin cells and providing a natural tan. People with dark skin have a high element concentration, however, those with fair skin have a low melanin concentration. By promoting the production of melanin with bronze, you can achieve a natural consistent tan without the risk of orange-looking streaks that you may get with a cream or spray. The combination of carotenoids and vitamin E helps protect your skin from free radicals; toxic molecules triggered by UV light which cause damage to our cells and DNA. 

Key ingredients

  • Beta-Carotene – Increases the body’s melanin production 
  • Vitamin E – Powerful anti-oxidant and keeps skin healthy and hydrate

Additional Information

Additional Information

Suitability Gluten free, Lactose free, Dairy free, Suitable for vegetarians, Suitable for vegans
Volume 120 capsules
Additional Info

How do I use Bronze?

Take 4 capsules per day with meals for 2 weeks until a healthy glow is achieved. Thereafter reduce to 2-3 capsules daily as a maintenance dose as required. 

Who is Bronze suitable for?

Bronze is ideal for people with very light skin that want extra protection from UV rays without being sunburned. It's also for those who prefer to have a tanned skin all year round but want to avoid ageing rays of the sun or sunbeds. In addition, the product is suitable for both men and women over the age of 18. The supplement is gluten free, lactose free, dairy free and also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Heavy smokers should consult a doctor before taking beta-carotene.

Are there any side effects?

Bronze should have no negative side effects because it contains only natural ingredients. We recommend checking the ingredients through to see if you have any personal allergies. Bronze is unsuitable for anyone under 18, pregnant or nursing. Heavy smokers should consult a doctor before taking beta-carotene.

Beta-Carotene, Alpha Carotene, Cryptoxanthin, Zeaxanthin, Lutein, Rice Flour, Vegetable Cellulose Capsule.


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A quick & easy way to tan
I’ve been using these tablets for around 5 weeks now and I can notice a small change in colour. They’re very easy to take, I take them with orange juice as it’s easier to go down and I take them at night.

Let’s see what happens...
Review by Laura (Posted on 18/05/2018)
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