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How can the change of weather affect my eyes?

How can the change of weather affect my eyes?

The skin around the eyes is 5x thinner than the rest of your skin, making it much more sensitive to weather changes. As the clocks changed last weekend, winter weather is well underway with frosty mornings and cold, dry air.

Changing of climate

Darker evenings mean sunlight can comprise various radiations and damage UV radiation. Due to the humidity changes, the water vapour in the air also decreases, resulting in dry eyes. If the skin around your eyes dries out, it can become irritated, tight and itchy. The changing of temperature when entering a warm car or central heating can also unbalance the skin around your eyes.Red swollen eyesEyes can become both red and swollen during sudden weather changes, this is due to constricted blood flow around the tissue of the eyes. Not only this, but swollen eyes can lead to blurry vision, tearing of the tissue and eyelid spasms.

How to care for the skin around the eyes

It’s important to moisturise the eye area and boost hydration with Collagen Eye Filler. It's also important to look after the skin from the inside out - taking supplements with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to support the skin's structure. Skin Radiance will support antioxidants in the skin and defend against free radicals. Not only Skin Radiance but Red Magic. For a boost in collagen to support the plumpness of skin around the eyes, Skin Plus contains the minerals you need as well as collagen (355mg of collagen per capsule). Finally, it’s important to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and boost the skins

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