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Everything you need to know about Skin Radiance

Everything you need to know about Skin Radiance

Most collagen supplements are made from bovine or marine collagen because they have the amino acids that the body needs to rebuild its collagen structure. But what if you prefer a plant-based approach to beauty? Don’t worry – there is a vegan alternative

Vegan collagen supplements contain ingredients that are designed to aid and boost your natural collagen production – they don’t actually contain any collagen. Some of these ingredients that help boost collagen production include Vitamin C, Copper, and other antioxidants – we’ve previously discussed collagen boosting vitamins here. These supplements can have a long-term effect on the body and skin, as they help you produce more collagen, replacing what is lost during the natural ageing process. The production of collagen not only has visible results on the skin, but it is also healthy for supporting muscles and joints. 

What is Skin Radiance? 

Now we’ve given you the low-down on what vegan collagen is, we can delve a little deeper into our award-winning vegan collagen-boosting supplement - Skin Radiance

It is a revolutionary antioxidant-rich formula that targets skin problems including; uneven skin tone, dark circles, redness, and hyperpigmentation spots. Skin Radiance promotes more luminous, brighter, and firmer skin after only eight weeks of supplementation! A daily dose of two capsules delivers a combination of powerful antioxidants that contribute to normal collagen formation for the normal function of the skin. 

Skin Radiance can also be consumed alongside our other collagen products like capsules and drinks for ultimate results. It’s not just a vegan alternative, but it’s the perfect collagen boost.

The power of Skin Radiance

But what makes Skin Radiance so special you might be asking? Well, it combines SkinAx²™, a patented ingredient of natural antioxidants, rich in highly bioavailable polyphenols, but more on that later. Combining primary and secondary antioxidants, SkinAx²™ provides optimal antioxidant protection. Skin Radiance also contains our own unique Red Berry blend. Both of these ingredients together provide the skin with several antioxidants that give full and complementary action on all factors that can cause skin damage. Those antioxidants include grape seed extract, melon concentrate, baobab, goji berries and vitamin C. 

One antioxidant compound found within Skin Radiance are Polyphenols. They are a group of around 4,000 antioxidants and can be found naturally in fruits, vegetables, and green tea. Polyphenols naturally protect plants from environmental stresses, and their job is to withstand this stress. It has been demonstrated that polyphenols can do the same for our skin, by visibly repairing environmental damage and protecting against free radicals.  

We keep mentioning the antioxidants in Skin Radiance, but exactly how much is in a serving? The antioxidant capacity of each serving of Skin Radiance is 3,435. Blueberries, which are high in antioxidants, have an antioxidant capacity of 600 per 25g serving. So, you would need to have six servings of blueberries to get the same antioxidant value as Skin Radiance. 

When discussing antioxidant capacity, you may come across the word ORAC, which stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. This is the scientific standard for measuring the antioxidant potency of foods and dietary supplements.  

One main point about vegan collagen supplements is that they are formulated with ingredients that are great for your skin. One, in particular, is Vitamin C. It is one of the must-have components in natural collagen production. It has actually been scientifically proven that skin fibroblasts have a dependence on vitamin C for the synthesis of collagen. Without adequate amounts, your body cannot store or form collagen. Vitamin C can also aid in protecting the skin from UV and free radical damage, helping to keep your complexion bright and radiant. Without vitamin C, you may have poor collagen structure formation, which can lead to brittle hair, bad skin and tender joints. 

Another stand-out ingredient is Olive Fruit Extract which is a compound very rich in antioxidants. Recent studies have suggested a correlation between olives and their derivatives and skin wrinkling. When the skin begins to wrinkle, it tells us that there is a reduction in oils, which can also make the skin look dull and dehydrated. These oils help to keep the skin protected. However, Olive Fruit is packed with essential fatty acids and vitamin E which can combat oxidative stress and also keep the skin plump and radiant.

What are the benefits? 

As we age, our skin and its radiance are altered by oxidative stress, which is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body. Internal and external elements such as UVA and UVB lights, pollution, and poor diet can be causes of this imbalance. Oxidative stress is one of the key triggers for premature ageing and skin discolouration, which leads to collagen degradation and melanin overproduction.

This is where Skin Radiance comes in handy. It provides the antioxidants needed to reduce oxidative stress by: 

  • Regulating melanin synthesis for optimised skin colour to reduce hyperpigmented spots and dark circles. 
  • Supporting collagen stability and synthesis to protect skin fibres and to preserve elasticity and suppleness. 
  • Improving blood circulation in the smallest blood vessels to fully oxygenate, nourish, and hydrate the skin. 
  • Providing antioxidant protection to preserve skin cell integrity.

Another benefit of Skin Radiance is that it contains all the goodness of fruit, but without the sugar. When blood sugar is high, this can cause collagen damage due to a process known as glycation. In this process, elevated levels of sugar can attach to collagen molecules, which can make the skin stiff and inflexible, leading to signs of ageing over time. By being sugar free, Skin Radiance helps to reduce this process by keeping blood sugar levels stable.

The clinical studies

Skin Radiance is backed by two independent studies showing the results obtained after eight weeks of supplementing. 

The first study was based on 35 women aged 40-75 taking 150mg of SkinAx² daily for eight weeks. The main aim was to evaluate the effects of an oral supplement rich in specific antioxidants on the improvement of skin radiance in women.

  • 62% of women found that their skin was smoother.
  • 68% found their skin firmer.
  • Age spots were less visible and reduced by 21%.
  • Redness on the skin was improved by 19%.
  • The colour of dark circles decreased by 19%.

It was concluded that the antioxidant-rich formulation improved skin radiance by, increasing face luminosity, reducing imperfections, and improving the firmness of skin in women with a dull complexion. 

The second study was based on an eight-week consumer trial carried out by 78 women aged 30-75 taking Skin Radiance daily:

  • 4% noticed that their skin appeared more radiant.
  • 9% said their skin looked brighter.
  • 1% said that their skin discolourations were reduced.

Just have a look at the results for yourself in the before and after images below! 

Adding Skin Radiance into your routine

Like any supplement, Skin Radiance can easily be incorporated into your routine. You can take it either morning or evening, whatever will suit your lifestyle best. We recommend taking two capsules before bed for your vegan collagen boost. This is the time where your body rests and repairs itself – making the results more effective.

The example above shows you how you could incorporate Skin Radiance into your daytime routine. By pairing it alongside our collagen-infused skincare range, you can take a plant based inside-out approach to beauty and wellness.

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