Ben Fletcher

GB No1, -20 World Medallist, Grand Prix, World Cup Medallist
Judo Olympian

‘’The proto-col range of sports nutrition helps support my training and performance. The Informed Sports tested products enable me to nourish my body during training so I can compete and win with integrity.’’

Ben Fletcher has been involved in Judo for over 20 years, joining his local judo club in Bracknell after being inspired by his older sister and three half-brothers at the age of five. 

Judo is an Olympic sport an unarmed martial art derived from ju-jitsu. It is intended to train the body and mind. Its most prominent feature is its competitive element, where the objective is to either throw or takedown an opponent to the ground.

Ben has competed at a junior level of the World Championships and progressed onto qualifying for Team GB at the Rio Olympics. Ben’s career highlights include medalling bronze in the World Championship, Ulaanbaatar Grand Prix Bronze (2015), Tunis African Open Gold (2015), World ranked No18 and being part of Team GB at the Rio Olympics (2016).

Ben says, ‘’My dream is to be Olympic champion and I am working every day to make that happen at the Olympic games in Tokyo in 2020. While many children try judo at school or local clubs, most adults only see it during Olympic TV coverage. There’s lots of hard work that goes on away from the competition mat and proto-col’s sports nutrition can help ensure I’m ready to fight and win for Britain.’’

Ben is currently training at the University of Bath as a member of Team Bath as well as coaching Judo and offering talks and speeches about sport and his experiences. Outside of Judo and competing Ben is usually back in his hometown of Wokingham working in his parent’s garden center or spending time with his friends.