5 reasons to remove dead skin cells

Removing dead skin cells has many surprising benefits from minimising your chances of getting acne to stopping bad body odour.

Every day, you lose millions of dead skin cells. Over the course of a year, you will have shed a staggering amount of nearly a pound of dead skin cells

It takes approximately 30 days for newly produced skin cells to make their way up to the skin’s top layer epidermis. As the new cells push their way up, if the dead skin cells at the very top of the skin don’t break away regularly enough you might experience unwanted negative side effects.

So what does happen if you don’t remove dead skin cells?

  1. Dull complexion

There might be more than one reason why you have a dull complexion: bad diet, smoking, dehydration, lack of sleep or stress. By removing dead skin cells you can help your skin breath better and absorb the topical hydration moisturisers more effectively, especially during sleep.

  1. Acne and blackheads

If the dead skin cells on the upper layers of your skin aren’t removed regularly, they can collect in pores. The combination of sebum and dead skin cells in your pores could increase the risk of blocked pores and the resulting acne and blackheads.

  1. Hard skin, corns and calluses

We don’t even think about the daily pressures our feet bear until we start noticing the signs of their wear and tear: discomfort, pain, hard skin, corns and calluses. Soaking your feet in warm water with Dead Sea salt scrubs and removing the dead skin cells by massaging them once or twice a week will help comfort your feet and maintain the skin’s health. If you also suffer from foot odor and fungus, scrubs with tea tree oil will help to keep the bad bacteria at bay.

  1. Ingrown hair

When hair follicles are clogged up with dead skin cells the buildup can cause ingrown hair.

Jamie-Lee Hart, the Head Therapist at proto-col clinic.

“Ingrown hair can be a problem if you shave. I recommend that you exfoliate your skin before shaving with body scrubs that contain lemongrass and Dead Sea salts. These two ingredients are packed with antioxidants and vitamins and work together brilliantly to clean pores, regenerate and soothe the skin. Other hair removal methods such as waxing and laser could also minimise the ingrown hair problem. ”

  1. Bad body odour

If mixed with sweat and dirt your dead skin cells could create the perfert conditions for bacteria to grow. As they munch on your dead skin cells they release rather unpleasant smells. Your underarms and feet are amongst the most misfortunate parts of your body that seem to be affected by this. Removing dead skin cells and keeping these areas dry can help managing unwanted body odor .

 Benefits of removing dead skin cells

  1. Glowing complexion
  2. Minimises your chance of getting acne or blackheads
  3. Smoother elbows and feet
  4. Helps prevent ingrown hair and make hair removal easier
  5. Helps manage unwanted body odour

How to remove dead skin cells

  • Always be gentle with your skin, even when trying to remove hard skin from your feet.
  • Look for gentle body scrubs with ingredients that have skin saving vitamins, minerals and antioxidants such as Dead Sea salts, neroli, guava and l
  • Whether you consider body scrubs as a ‘me time’ treat or a weekly routine, always choose a scrub that can be absorbed by the skin easily and leaves the skin silky smooth.
  • After choosing your scrub, massage gently onto the skin, leave it for a minute or two, wash away with luke warm water and pat dry.
  • Expect to achieve a refreshed skin that is smoother, refreshed and healthier.

If you like the idea of having a smooth body and pampering yourself with Dead Sea Salt scrubs visit proto-col’s spa collection.

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