Want gorgeous feet this summer? Get top toe tips from our expert podiatrist

The early summer weather makes us all want to bare our feet and feel fab in simple sandals. But for most the year, our feet are encased in socks, tights and winter boots and when they emerge into the sunshine they often look and feel grey and lifeless.


Follow these simple steps for sexy feet this summer.

  1. Scrub up! The feet harbor more nasty skin bacteria than any other part of the body except the arm pits so make time each day to properly wash and scrub your feet. This is essential to keep feet hygienically clean and to combat bad bacteria. Use an exfoliant to really clean and scrub away dead skin and keep feet feeling fresh.


  1. Feed your feet You moisturise your face every day and it’s essential that you do the same with your feet too. Use a cream that uses essential oils to nourish the skin and to ensure they small amazing. Look out for moisturisers that work transdermally and get deeper into the skin of your feet. This will help keep toes soft and supple.


  1. Repair job To tackle really dry areas such as the heels and balls of the feet, use specialist foot moisturisers that include urea, the gold standard for moisturisation. (Urea is an organic compound of nitrogen that occurs naturally in all mammals).  Use these creams just before you go to bed so they can get to work on your tootsies overnight. Wash the feet first, moisturise and wear cotton socks in bed to get it working effectively.


  1. No picking! You probably take time to file your finger nails and rub in cuticle cream, so treat your to toes just the same. File toe nails to ensure they are beautifully shaped. And don’t pick at the skin surrounding the nails; trim away any offending snags and gently file until smooth. Add your favourite varnish to add a splash of summer colour.


Claire Forbes is an expert podiatrist based in Jersey. Find out more about fabulous feet and tips to keep them sexy this summer at www.forbesfeet.com

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