Got what it takes to be a pro athlete? Take the test…

Have you got what it takes to make a career out of training and competing in your chosen sport? Take the test…

Elite Athlete or Average Joe?

1. Are you regularly placing in the events that you enter, including age group classes?

2. Do you spend a high proportion of your spare time training or racing?

3. Do you spend a significant portion of your spare cash on performance kit or race entries?

4. Does your commitment to your sport sometimes create family conflicts?

5. Does your level of performance-related fatigue ever impact on other parts of your life?

If you answered yes to the majority of the questions above, you’re wrangling with just a few of the pressures that sports professionals experience.

The big difference is that you have to juggle a full time job while they get paid to train, rest, recover and perform.

So what else do you have to do to make that step and could you and your family hack it? Duathlete Chris Roxburgh is on that journey. Take a look at his lifestyle and see how you measure up.

They have a coach, a training programme, good sleep, great nutrition and just about any item of kit or specialist equipment that they need. The lucky few will also be funded and have a salary.

By contrast, I juggle my family, my job and my training to perform alongside these sports professionals. My job as a paramedic dictates that I do 12-hour shifts including days, lates and nights, destroying my body clock. The nature of the job demands that I remain 100% focused at work.

I have to be smart with my time to be able to train and race hard.  I follow a training plan like a pro and put the hours in, even if this means I have to squeeze my resting time. Delivering good race day results has meant that I’ve caught the eye of some great brands.

My nutrition is supported by proto-col, I get some shoes from Skechers and Total Fitness Bath help me with bike kit. These things help me to bridge the gap between amateur and professional sport plus it gives me a real boost to feel supported by brands that watch my performance. But ultimately I’m still an amateur sportsman.

My wife, my dog and my dinner
The work-life balance is rarely easy. I have been known to finish work at 6am, get to bed at 7am, wake at 9am, leave the house at 10am to do a five hour ride, then arrive home in time to feed the dog and cook dinner for when my understanding wife gets home.

Have I got what it takes to make it as a pro athlete? Who knows?! What I do know is that I’m getting closer and the chase for ever-better performances spurs me on. I also have a 10-month old baby boy to play with, care for and inspire.”

Chris Roxburgh’s best kit:
My running shoes are like my best friends. I currently race in Skechers GOrun 5 and train in the brand’s more supportive GOrun Ride 6.
Chris’s top tip:
Give your nutrition the same level of importance as your mileage. It’s amazing how many good club level athletes don’t eat well or supplement their food intake with the best nutrition products. All the elites do this. I use green magic superfood powder, high quality multi-vits and a high dose vitamin D tablet every day. Post-workout, I always add a scoop of protein powder to my drinks bottle. I use proto-col’s pro gold protein powder as it is a blend of whey and collagen to promote recovery and muscle repair. It’s also Informed Sports tested.

Chris’s next event:
Liverpool Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon, 28 May

If you’re striving to take your performances to the next level and want to eat, sleep and train like the elites, check out the proto-col range of nutrition with selected lines backed by Informed Sport testing and certification.

Elite performers and average Joes equally welcome.

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