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proto-col miracle balm

miracle balm

Introducing proto-col miracle balm, the latest addition to our naturally advanced skincare range, miracle balm is an intensely rich, multi-purpose balm with collagen.

A pioneering formulation with natural healing properties to help rejuvenate dry or damaged skin

Why take vitamins?

take vitamins

Vitamins are present in low levels in our bodies, but essential to every aspect of our health, vitamins are substances our bodies cannot make.  Therefore, they must be obtained through diet.

Vitamins perform key functions:

  • Vitamin C builds immunity and connective tissue.
  • Vitamin A enhances immunity and helps growth.
  • B-vitamins are essential for energy.
  • Vitamin D strengthens bones.

We would die without vitamins and fall seriously ill when we don’t get the right amount.

While a balanced diet should provide our complete vitamin quota, nutritionists argue that modern life often leaves us depleted.

Introduction to the proto-col skincare range

Skincare intro to range image

proto-col naturally advanced skincare combines collagen with natural plant based extracts and botanicals to deliver a comprehensive range of skincare for all skin types. With harmonising ingredients proto-col skincare range is suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

Learn a little more about the luxury products in this exclusive range and the properties of their harmonising ingredients below.