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The Look That Men Find Most Attractive


We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this new research.

Well this is refreshing: It turns out, both men and women find women more attractive when they have less makeup on, according to a new study published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.


bespoke lip gloss stand

It’s the people at proto-col that make it such an exciting and interesting place to work.

Each day, phone calls and meetings are completely different.  With this diversity of Ambassador brings a broad customer base. How many people do you know who don’t use skincare, cosmetics and/or nutrition?  With this diversity of Ambassador and customer base comes the need for a broad spectrum of support materials.

This week for me has been a week of professional beauty therapists, looking for products that will fit into their business.  We offer our business Ambassadors the same bespoke opportunity as we do for all our Ambassadors whatever their needs.  With the vast backgrounds that our Ambassadors come from we spend a great deal of time putting together marketing tools, products and training.  We are always working on new products to keep us fresh and exciting so that our Ambassadors business is fresh and can grow.

Which brush when?

7 piece brush set open

Commonly known as a make-up artist’s professional tools, cosmetic brushes can be found in the majority of women’s make-up bags, but do we really know what each brush is for and when to use it?  The reality is no, and to make things even more confusing there are an assortment of brushes for the face and eyes!  What we need is a make-up brush guide, so in this article we will explain the eight brushes in the proto-col range and what each of them does and answer the question, which brush when?

Perfect eyes

Cosmetics image

Every beauty enthusiast strives to master perfect eyes, with the ability to deliver multiple results with little time or effort eye liner and mascara are two of the most important tools in your make-up bag .

The classic pencil is still a favourite.  Using a high quality mineral crayon will ensure greater ease of application, allow the skin not to be dragged and allow easy application.  Choosing a high quality mineral crayon and will provide better pigmented colour and provide depth and dimension.  Choose a mascara that has a well designed brush that will volumize, separate and fan the eye lashes without clumping to achieve a glossy finish and intense volume. This will  open up and brighten eyes.

Powder or Liquid Foundation?

cosmetics foundation image

Everyone wants perfection from a foundation but when it comes to choosing between a powder or liquid foundation you should opt for the one most suitable to your skin tone – here’s how…