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The Journey

The Journey

As many of you who know me well, you will be aware of the amount of miles I can cover every month in my beloved Mini Clubman.

Last week I had 3 days off and decided that the time had come to start looking for a new car.It may seem a very simple task, especially when I’m in no rush and have no real set ideas of which car but I do know what it needs to do to fit my lifestyle. For me hunting and researching are more fun that the actual purchase and the same can be said about building a business.

Ambassador in the spotlight

Robyn Morrison

We are all extremely proud to announce that the fabulous Robyn Morrison is this month’s Ambassador in the Spot Light.

Like many of our Ambassadors Robyn is not only a proto-col Ambassador but a busy wife, mother of two and runs her own extremely successful cheerleading school. Robyn joined proto-col ambassadors in March of this year and has built a strong personal sales business to run alongside her cheerleading school.

September Review

proto-col Ambassador_Rachael_Andrews_profile_08_07_2014

What a fantastic month September has been and great big ‘Thank You’ and ‘Congratulations’ to ALL our fabulous Ambassadors and the wonderful team at Head Office, who seem to have a magic wand and solve all our problems!

Proving that Together Everyone Achieves More…TEAM!

We have had more Ambassadors join us in September than any other month, I’d like to wish each and everyone, every success on their personal journey and look forward to meeting you all very soon.  Please remember this is your business and we are all here to help you every step of the way.


team proto-col emblem

I apologise for the cliché but Together Everyone Achieves More. This acronym spells TEAM! I have spent the last few days working with our amazing leaders, guiding and supporting them as they in turn guide and support their teams.  As our ambassadors grow their individual businesses, they introduce new Ambassadors who then in turn grow their individual business.

Reflection in September

What does September mean for us?  To me it signifies the start of a new school year and reflecting on the year so far. It is also the run up to the busiest part our year – Christmas.

This must stem back to the school year with my children going back to school this week and all their excitement of going into a ‘New Year Group’ and all the challenges that entails!  I find myself also looking forward and putting plans in place for the coming months and as much I hate to say it Christmas!

With the many calls I have had from Ambassadors today,  this must be a feeling shared across the country –  not only with those with children but many of us who still remember the first day of a new school year and its significance of a new beginning.