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Benefits of a primer

watch our beauty expert apply miracle base primer

Achieving mattified skin just got easy; by applying a make-up primer skin will instantly look smoother.  With an added bonus of naturally soothing the skin with an enriched formulation of aloe vera and vitamin E proto-col miracle base primer illuminates skin, giving a natural glow.

As well as easing the application of your foundation a primer acts as a barrier between your skin and make-up helping to lock in moisture and protect from dust, water and debris, contributing factors to make-up wearing off.

Powder or Liquid Foundation?

cosmetics foundation image

Everyone wants perfection from a foundation but when it comes to choosing between a powder or liquid foundation you should opt for the one most suitable to your skin tone – here’s how…

Less is more

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there’s no right or wrong amount of make-up to wear but ultimately allowing skin to breathe means better skin and we believe less is more

How do we define beauty…. is it how you feel or is about pleasing others?  Does make-up make you feel more attractive, more likeable, more competent or even more confident? All of these reasons can answer why women spend hours of their life in front of a mirror.

Introduction to the proto-col cosmetics range

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The philosophy of caring for and hydrating your skin with our naturally advanced collagen skincare has evolved beyond your skincare routine.

With a combination of natural hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory ingredients proto-col baked mineral cosmetics are an innovative range of colour cosmetics designed to help restore the skin’s natural PH balance to combat problem areas and imperfections whilst helping to improve skin hydration and elasticity.