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The Journey

The Journey

As many of you who know me well, you will be aware of the amount of miles I can cover every month in my beloved Mini Clubman.

Last week I had 3 days off and decided that the time had come to start looking for a new car.It may seem a very simple task, especially when I’m in no rush and have no real set ideas of which car but I do know what it needs to do to fit my lifestyle. For me hunting and researching are more fun that the actual purchase and the same can be said about building a business.

Ambassador profile

Cassandra Charles2

Cassandra Charles

Have you ever had the feeling that you were meant to get involved with a business?  I did and it started when I worked in a local gym. That business was becoming a proto-col Ambassador.

I’ve always been a sporty person and have played netball and athletics to county standard as well as ice hockey and other sports. Not surprisingly I picked up sporting injuries along the way.  Becoming a massage therapist and working part time in a gym was ideal for me. The beautician in the gym salon had a cabinet displaying her nail polishes, body scrubs and collagen capsules. It wasn’t too long before I booked myself in for a pedicure and asked the beautician about the collagen capsules.  The beautician said they were good for your hair and skin.  I bought a months supply for myself and I started selling the collagen capsules from the gym salon. I didn’t notice any great miraculous changes. In hindsight, I realise like with any supplement the effects happen over time.

Does Image Matter?

Does Image Matter

What makes you walk into a particular shop?  And more importantly what stops you walking in?  What attracts us initially to other people or make assumptions about them?  What makes us buy and go back again? In other words, does image matter?

Really simple questions that can we all can have a quick superficial answer to, but if you look deeper into your own business –  how do you stack up?

Here at proto-col we are very proud of how our products look from the packaging, to the bottles and labels.  We spend many hours looking over images and talking to packaging companies.  To us every aspect of the buying experience is important.

Do you ever take a moment and step back and see what your customer sees?

Becoming a leader

Frog graphic

I’ve spent time this week working on the leadership training which will roll out across the country early next month. It really concentrates the mind sitting in front of a blank computer screen trying to put into words something you do every day –  how do you train someone to become a  leader?

July saw the fabulous commitment of several Ambassadors grow into the role of Crystal Ambassador making them team leaders, all from different backgrounds and experience. This makes me ask the question who does make a good leader?

Your retail website

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The summer holiday period is now in full swing and along with the sunshine and ice-creams comes our normal day to day expenses.  As a self-employed Ambassador this can cause a headache if planning has not been put in place.  With the freedom and independence of being a Ambassador also brings the irregularity of income.  However with a little planning, taking valuable time off with your family doesn’t need to jeopardise your earning potential.  All our Ambassadors are given a free retail website, where their customers can purchase products 24 hours a day 7 days a week.