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Eddie’s Scavenger Hunt

Eddie's Scavenger Hunt

Eddie the Teddy loves to play outside embarking on exciting adventures to learn news things about nature but he needs your help to find some of the Autumn inspired items on his fun Scavenger Hunt.

Find all 8 items and stick them on your Eddie sheet to complete the hunt; why not play with a few friends and give yourself a set time limit to make it more of a competition?

Eddie’s Family Pairs

Eddie's Family

Meet Eddie’s family in this fun game of Teddy pairs.

Ask a parent to help you cut out the 8 cards and use your memory to match the images of Eddie, Elizabeth, Eric and Ellie when the cards are placed face down all mixed up.

Eddie’s Chatterbox

Eddie the Teddy loves to play new and exciting games with his friends and family so this week he’s been busy creating Eddie’s Chatterbox; a clever spelling and counting game made from folding paper with a fun task at the end!