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Eddie Sudoku

Eddie Sudoku

Eddie the Teddy loves to play clever games and this week he’s created his very own Eddie Sudoku with the word LEAF. Can you help Eddie complete his 4×4 grid?

Eddie’s paper chain

Eddie's paper chain

Eddie the Teddy loves making things to play with.  This week Eddie has made his own paper chain and he has had so much fun that he wants you to make one too !

Eddie the Teddy Jigsaw Puzzle

eddie the teddy jigsaw puzzle

Eddie the Teddy spent all week learning his A, B, C and now he wants to play some games so he’s crafted his very own Eddie the Teddy jigsaw puzzle.

Help put Eddie the teddy back together; click on the link below and download him flying through the sky in this fun jigsaw puzzle.

Writing with Eddie

Writing with Eddie

Eddie the Teddy this week has been learning the alphabet.  Eddie the Teddy has had so much fun that he wants you to learn the alphabet as well!

Copy each set of letters on the lines below by downloading from the link below:

Eddie the teddy crossword puzzle

Eddie the Teddy crossword

Eddie the teddy bear needs your help with his crossword puzzle as he has completed as much as he can!

Help him to complete the crossword puzzle from the picture clues.