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Eddie’s New Year Countdown

Eddie's New Year Countdown

Only 5 more sleeps until 2015! Help Eddie the Teddy complete his New Year Countdown and get ready to celebrate the New Year.

Eddie’s Fairy Lights

Eddie's Fairy Lights

Only 5 more sleeps until Santa! Share the festive fun helping Eddie the Teddy put up his Christmas decorations by untangling Eddie’s Fairy Lights.

Eddie’s Christmas Card

Eddie's Christmas Card

Only 12 more sleeps until Santa! Share the festive fun by giving friends and family their very own Eddie the Teddy Christmas Card.

Eddie’s Pinwheel

Eddie's Pinwheel

Eddie the Teddy can’t wait to get outside when it’s windy and this week he’s created Eddie’s Pinwheel a beautiful decoration designed to spin in the wind.

Ask a parent to cut out the pinwheel following the guide, fold the corners as shown and attach a stick and pin to create your own windmill.

Eddie’s Halloween Lantern

Eddie's Halloween Lantern

Next Friday it’s 31st October which means – time to dress up in your spooky Halloween costumes and go trick-or-treating! To help you get ready to scare have a go at making Eddie’s Halloween lantern.