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The New Year is now in full swing, the Christmas decorations are back in the loft and all traces of turkey are far behind us!

New Year resolutions are now into their 3rd week and how many of us have already fallen by wayside?

What’s your New Year Inspiration?

2015 inspiration

As December comes to a close it’s so important for the November and December momentum to keep going into 2015.

For many November and December are so incredibly busy that they forget to put plans in place to keep the growth going in January and February and wake up in early January to find their business has come to a holt.

A proto-col Christmas

A proto-col Christmas

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas at proto-col Head Office.

The ambassadors are busier than ever having parties, one to ones and retailing in their individual businesses.

The hard work across the year building long term relationships with customers, always come to a fantastic peak at Christmas and with the added support of our seasonal health and beauty matters with exclusive Christmas collection this Christmas is going to be simply amazing!

Host Gifts

host gifts

Many years ago when I first started in direct sales most of my sales were made around a party environment.  Initially in a friend’s home where the host would invite her friends around and in exchange the host would get free products.  The rule was very much that your party wasn’t over until you had two new bookings with the host gifts being the incentive.

The party environment has changed over the years with many direct sales companies even dropping the host gifts – it makes me ask the question:

Is there still a host?

Never forget your own business advice

warts new? two frogs sat on a log

Lets Recap as this will highlight how not taking my own business advice almost cost me.


I spend a lot of time talking to Ambassadors about the importance of ‘kissing frogs’.  Never miss an opportunity to introduce your business, your only ever get ‘no’s’ if you don’t ask!

This is a lesson ALL of us sometimes need a little refresher in especially after the initial euphoria of opening a new venture.