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Eddie Sudoku

Eddie Sudoku

Eddie the Teddy loves to play clever games and this week he’s created his very own Eddie Sudoku with the word LEAF. Can you help Eddie complete his 4×4 grid?

Copy Eddie Drawing

Copy Eddie Drawing

Eddie the Teddy loves to get out his colouring crayons for arts and crafts and this week he’s created his very own Copy Eddie Drawing to help you draw your very own Eddie picture.

Using your crayons try to copy the picture of Eddie the teddy, hidden behind the grid lines, by drawing him square by square until you have two Eddie’s; why not try two different colours for Eddie’s super teddy mask and cape to see what he would look like if he wasn’t wearing red?

Eddie the Teddy Jigsaw Puzzle

eddie the teddy jigsaw puzzle

Eddie the Teddy spent all week learning his A, B, C and now he wants to play some games so he’s crafted his very own Eddie the Teddy jigsaw puzzle.

Help put Eddie the teddy back together; click on the link below and download him flying through the sky in this fun jigsaw puzzle.

Children’s nutrition

children's nutrition

How important is children’s nutrition?

We all know the importance of good nutrition and the benefits that a healthy diet can bring, but it is especially important for children as it has a direct link to all aspects of their growth and development.

Not only does nutrition play a vital role in their future health as adults, but what children learn about the value of good nutrition will affect their nutritional trends as they grow up.

Eddie the Teddy Picnic Line Maze

Eddie and Elizabeth the Teddy Bears need your help this week to find the picnic basket they have lost in the line maze.

Guide Eddie and Elizabeth through the line maze to find their picnic basket so they don’t go hungry today!