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Eddie’s Halloween Lantern

Eddie's Halloween Lantern

Next Friday it’s 31st October which means – time to dress up in your spooky Halloween costumes and go trick-or-treating! To help you get ready to scare have a go at making Eddie’s Halloween lantern.

Eddie the teddy crossword puzzle

Eddie the Teddy crossword

Eddie the teddy bear needs your help with his crossword puzzle as he has completed as much as he can!

Help him to complete the crossword puzzle from the picture clues.

Children’s nutrition

children's nutrition

How important is children’s nutrition?

We all know the importance of good nutrition and the benefits that a healthy diet can bring, but it is especially important for children as it has a direct link to all aspects of their growth and development.

Not only does nutrition play a vital role in their future health as adults, but what children learn about the value of good nutrition will affect their nutritional trends as they grow up.

Eddie’s and Elizabeth’s finger puppets

Everybody has had so much fun over the last couple of  weeks building  Eddie and Elizabeth the Teddy bears that Eddie and Elizabeth want you to make finger puppets this week.

Choose between Eddie the Teddy bear or Elizabeth the Teddy bear finger puppet to make – or why not make them both!

Eddie’s face masks

Eddie The Teddy mask

This week Eddie has a  fun new activity for you. He wants you to become Eddie the Teddy or Elizabeth the Teddy with his face masks.

Choose between either Eddie the Teddy face mask or Elizabeth the Teddy face mask and follow the instructions to make your facemask.  Which one will you choose?