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It’s the people at proto-col that make it such an exciting and interesting place to work.

Each day, phone calls and meetings are completely different.  With this diversity of Ambassador brings a broad customer base. How many people do you know who don’t use skincare, cosmetics and/or nutrition?  With this diversity of Ambassador and customer base comes the need for a broad spectrum of support materials.

This week for me has been a week of professional beauty therapists, looking for products that will fit into their business.  We offer our business Ambassadors the same bespoke opportunity as we do for all our Ambassadors whatever their needs.  With the vast backgrounds that our Ambassadors come from we spend a great deal of time putting together marketing tools, products and training.  We are always working on new products to keep us fresh and exciting so that our Ambassadors business is fresh and can grow.

Kissing Frogs – part 2: build your network to find customers

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Build your network to find customers

We last looked at kissing frogs in the light of face to face selling, getting out and about meeting people but how do we meet people?

We all have so many family members, friend, work colleagues past and present but eventually this list runs out and we have to look further afield but where??