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Got what it takes to be a pro athlete? Take the test…

Have you got what it takes to make a career out of training and competing in your chosen sport? Take the test…

Elite Athlete or Average Joe?

1. Are you regularly placing in the events that you enter, including age group classes?

2. Do you spend a high proportion of your spare time training or racing?

3. Do you spend a significant portion of your spare cash on performance kit or race entries?

4. Does your commitment to your sport sometimes create family conflicts?

5. Does your level of performance-related fatigue ever impact on other parts of your life?

Mark Buckingham

-Buckingham team proto-col

Mark Buckingham is a three times British Duathlon Champion and member of the British Triathlon team.  Mark’s athletic background has progressed from being an international runner to international Duathlon athlete to being  recruited to triathlon through the Trigold programme in 2010.

Mark’s career as an athlete started with running and he soon started to win national championships, winning  four times as a junior and representing England twelve times, including 3 World Trophy Championships.  Mark also represented Great Britain in 2004, in the European Cross Country Championships, winning a bronze team medal.  Mark also holds numerous titles for steeplechase as a Junior in 2003 and 2004.