Switch up your skincare for winter

With the temperature dropping and the humidity almost disappearing, it’s safe to say that winter is just a few months away. You’ve already swapped your summer dresses and sandals to winter jumpers and boots but have you thought about your skincare? Winter brings a whole new set of problems to our skin so as it gets cooler and air becomes dry, it’s worth switching up your skincare routine too.

With the mixture of temperatures falling, the humidity lowering and the indoor heating it can all affect our skin, attacking our skin’s barrier leaving it vulnerable to dehydration and sensitivity causing fine lines, irritation and redness.

Change your cleanser

Throughout the summer we tend to sweat and produce more sebum so foam cleansers are ideal but for winter it’s worth switching to a creamier cleanser. ‘’Creamy cleansers focus on hydrating the skin without interfering with our skin’s protective barrier,’’ says Jamie-Lee Hart, Head Therapist at proto-col clinic.

Start using serum

When it comes to using serum, most of us don’t bother with the extra step or some of us don’t actually know what it’s for and what it does. If you suffer with dry and flaky skin it can only get worse in winter so using a serum is like doubling up on moisture. Jamie-Lee advises that ‘’serums penetrate deeper into the skin allowing the product to repair the damages by nourishing, protecting, firming and hydrating the skin.’’

Invest in night creams

Who’s guilty of applying day cream just before getting into bed? Did you know that the first 90 minutes of sleep is known as your recovery and repair stage? ‘’Your skin’s cell regeneration is higher at night when you’re sleeping so choosing the right night cream can be crucial,’’ comments Jamie-Lee. If you want hydration then a hydration night cream is the way forward. Look for a collagen-based night moisturiser to nourish your skin while you sleep. It will help supply moisture, soothe and ensure your skin has an even complexion and it helps boost collagen.

Don’t forget to prep & prime

Swapping your skincare is a must during winter to help treat blotchy, over sensitive and dry skin to prep for the day ahead. It’s also important to prep your skin before applying make-up using a primer. ‘’Use a hydrating primer or one that contains Aloe Vera and/or Vitamin E to reduce dry, flaky patches. The Aloe Vera soothes and calms irritation whilst Vitamin E protects the skin from day damage,’’ adds Jamie-Lee. ‘’The best technique to use primer is to massage it into the skin and give it a few minutes to sink in before applying make-up.’’

Drink up

One thing we all forget during the cooler months is to get our daily water intake as the cool air doesn’t trigger thirst like the heat does. It’s essential to stay hydrated from within to maintain moisture by drinking between 8-10 glasses of water a day.


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