Seven step make-up masterclass

Beautiful make-up requires brilliant brushes, but how do you go about choosing the right ones for you?

In this video Jamie-lee Hart, head therapist at the proto-col Wellness Clinic in Westbury shares her top tips on make-up brushes.

Choosing the correct brush 

Choose the right shaped brush for the job – There are so many brushes available but here are my essentials: a large powder brush, liquid foundation brush, contour brush, medium eye shadow brush and angled eyeshadow brush. An eyebrow comb and lip brush are always useful to have too.

The feel of the brush will hint at its quality – Brushes with natural fibres are softer and more effective than synthetic fibres. They have cuticles which are better at holding the pigment on the brush until you apply it to your face.

Choose dome shape brushes as they roll more evenly over your face – In contrast, flat brushes create more drag when applying makeup.

Apply your make-up like a professional

Armed with the correct brushes and your favourite make-up, but how do you apply it to get the best look?

Follow Jamie-lee’s expert advice for a fabulous look.


  1. Foundation – Use a brush to apply liquid foundation to create a flawless finish. Layers can be added with a brush for a heavier look.
  2. Powder – Apply loose powder over entire face to help set your liquid foundation and take away any shine. Always apply powder in downward strokes using a large brush.
  3. Contour brush – These are great for highlighting and shading to enhance cheek bones and jaw lines. Blusher can also be applied with this brush.
  4. Eyebrows – Use the softer bristles of an eyebrow comb to shape brilliant brows.
  5. Medium eyeshadow brush – Apply eyeshadows with a brush. Several shades can be added to the eyelid and blended together. Great for achieving smoky eyes.
  6. Angled eyeshadow brush – Ideal for applying eyeshadow along the lash line to create definition and precise angles.
  7.  Lip brush – A must for your make-up bag; apply lipstick with a brush for precision and longer lasting effects.


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