Running towards a slimmer you

We can all sense Christmas. It looms at us over the November horizon reminding us that we’ve not only failed to budget for this year’s spending spree (again) but that our controlled approach to eating well and limiting excess is about to crash like Santa into a rooftop.

Winter is a tricky time to try and lose weight. Our groaning tummies yearn for sponge and custard on a cold day and pennies are tight to buy all the healthy food.

Eat what you want, exercise a little more

One approach to keep things on track is to worry less about the food we eat and instead make an effort to exercise a little more – or maybe for the first tie in ages. This becomes more appealing if your chosen form of exercise is free. 

On the face of it, running does not appeal to everyone (stay with us), especially when you carry excess weight and body confidence is low. But there is one British running phenomena that is successfully attracting people who would not consider themselves runners and it’s helping them shed the pounds.

Free membership for life

Parkrun is a mass participation movement that has taken the UK by storm. Parkruns are weekly timed 5k (three miles) events. They are runs and definitely not races. They are free and there’s probably one near you.

If you’d like to exercise but just cannot seem to motivate your bum off the sofa, we urge you to find out more about Parkrun. Finding one near you should be easy. You don’t have to register, you can just turn up and watch from a distance or walk the dog near the course. The runs are all on public paths so it’s easy to be a fly on the wall rather than in the heat of the action.

Every Saturday

You’ll soon see that you won’t be the biggest or the slowest and the runners are not all athletes but are a wonderful mix of families, friends and dogs all plodding around chatting and cheering each other on. And these great free events happen every week, every Saturday morning at 9am.

Worry less about counting calories this winter and instead see how many parkruns you can cram in before the New Year. The weight loss will take care of itself.

  1. No one is serious about running
    They’re running events but not for runners – they’re for anyone and everyone that wants to move a little more and have a natter while doing so. Young, old, big, small, everyone. 
  1. Parkrun is free
    The parkrun movement is committed to staging free, timed running events for free every week. You can sign-up for free so they can email you but you don’t even need to do that if you don’t care about your time.
  1. Volunteering is part of the run
    Parkrun is operated by volunteers and every event needs helpers each week. If you want to get motivated but are reluctant to pull on your trainers, volunteer first and you’ll soon get the bug.
  1. Exercise makes you giggle
    Moderate exercise makes us feel good. The physical activity triggers endorphins in our brain and it’s a feeling you learn to love. When you’re feeling low and want to reach for the Jaffa Cakes, we recommend a parkrun first.
  1. Join the community
    Parkrun feels like a big family, underlining that it’s less of an athletic event and more of a party in vibrant shades of Lycra. Take part in a few of them and you’ll soon be making new connections and high-fiving strangers. Before you know it you’ll be dragging the kids along and trying to convince your mum to give it a go.

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