Put your winter face on and protect it from the elements


5 steps to protect your skin this winter

What’s the first thing your face does on a cold and windy day? Does it scrunch up as you cower behind a scarf, your eyes wincing against the ferocity of the elements?


The British winter weather launches an attack on the delicate skin of your face every time you step outdoors. Try these five must-dos to stay protected this winter.


You don’t need to be climbing Scottish mountains or walking through sea spray to experience the winter weather on your face. Queueing for the bus or walking the dog exposes your face to cold winds, rain and sleet in Britain. Even low winter sun causes us to squint, deepening our crow’s feet around our eyes.


Jamie-Lee Hart of the proto-col Wellness Clinic recommends these simple steps to maintain a brave face this winter.


  1. Change to your winter cleanser

Through the summer we tend to sweat and produce more sebum so foam cleansers are ideal but for winter it’s worth switching to a creamier cleanser. Creamy cleansers focus on hydrating the skin without interfering with the skin’s protective barrier.


  1. Add serum to your winter regime

If you suffer with dry and flaky skin it can only get worse in winter so using a serum is like doubling up on moisture. Serums penetrate deeper into the skin than conventional moisturisers, allowing the product to repair damage by nourishing, protecting, firming and hydrating the skin.


  1. Choose cream cosmetics over powder in winter

If you’re planning to be out in the weather, colour your eyes and cheeks with cream cosmetic products. These will stay in place for longer and will require less of a freshen-up than powders which can clump and slip if there’s lots of moisture in the air.


  1. Wear a mask

Take time out to replenish the moisture in your face with a nourishing facemask. When the north wind blows, it draws moisture from the skin so if you want to look radiant in those summer holiday selfies, make time for a facemask at least once a week in winter.


  1. Love your lips

Your lips say so much about the way in which you care for your skin so don’t overlook a trusted lip balm. Frequent use of a good lip balm keeps your lips moist and protected from harsh conditions and delivers far more defense than lipstick. If you never step outside without lipstick, choose oil-rich varieties that will hydrate and shield your lips.



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