A One Minute Test Of Your Flexibility And Mobility

Take this one minute test of your flexibility and mobility:

1. How often do you sigh or groan when you get up from or sit down in a chair?

2. How often do you feel out of breath after climbing the stairs or wince as you descend them

3. Do you have to ask for help to reach a top cupboard or shelf due to poor flexibility?

4. From a standing position, can you put your hands on your knees, ankles or toes?

If your answers to the above test leave you worrying that your body maybe ageing quicker than you’d realised, you’re completely normal*.

As we age, we lose over 400g of muscle every year, joints lose their natural lubrication and our ligaments and tendons lose their suppleness.

3 simple steps you can take to combat this natural ageing process

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*Double check – If you’re concerned about your fitness, failing mobility or how supplements will combine with any medicines that you take, please chat to your doctor.

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